Handmade wooden bracelet for chakra healing

Handmade wooden bracelet for chakra healing

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Handmade wooden bracelet with long narrow beads for chakra healing

Number of beads - 24

Diameter - about 70 mm (2.8 inches)

Height - about 30 mm (1.18 inches)

Weight - about 26 grams (0.06 pounds)

Properties: This unique mixture of natural components gives growth to the will of its user, filters and transforms negative energy flows in the body and strengthens the connection between physical, spiritual and emotional. Rowan has been known as the means for protection against negative influences and for its constuctive role in spiritual growth.

Healing: Rowan is known for its anti-infection properties, so it is commonly used as a complementary instrument in treatment of common cold, flu and angina. Juniper also aids in dealing with skin ailments, such as acne, fungi, eczema, warts, comedo and so on, and in relieving aches in joints and muscles.

Symbolism: Juniper is closely asociated with personal spiritual protection and exorcism in many cultures. Its nature is connected with the zodiac signs of Virgo, Taurus, Sagittarius and Libra. Rowan is connected with the Zodiac sign of Libra, element of fire and dieties Virgin Mary and Thor. It is also associated with the mineral of tourmaline and shungite and symbolizes protection, ispiration and creative process.

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Authentic shungite from Karelia, Russia

The Zazhoginsky deposit shungite is the only place of the origin of this amazing stone!

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