Wooden Jewelry

Wooden Jewelry

     Wooden jewelry has been known to be a staple in women’s appearance for centuries or even millennia and is considered to be the most ancient form of jewelry and ornamentation. It managed to keep its popularity, beauty and finesse through decades and decades of history in large due to its close connection with nature, its natural energy, genuine simplicity, uniqueness and distinction. Spiritually, wood is the strongest link with the Earth. It serves as the talisman and amulet in natural protection against negative influences and energy. Besides, wooden jewelry items possess a number of healthy and nutritious elements which will contribute to natural healing of its user.

       The great variety of different tree species, the infinite amount of shapes and sizes it can be turned into and countless possibilities of various combinations of it all make wooden jewelry easily accessible and limitless in creating your personal style and preferences in jewelry. Basically, the range of wooden jewelry is limited only by fantasy and imagination.

     Popularity of wooden jewelry drastically increased with the beginning of the 20th century and establishment of wide fashion industry. A lot of famous fashion designers were fond of wooden jewelry which served as a great advertisement for it; Coco Chanel was especially notable for incorporating wooden jewelry in her fashion shows. And indeed, you couldn’t go more natural or classical that the products made of wood. With some alterations it can be made to look like classic European jewelry, ethnic African or Indian jewelry (or any other traditional jewelry), jewelry of different fashion styles, e.g. Bohemian jewelry. 

       We offer a great variety of wooden necklaces, bracelets, earrings and sets of wooden jewelry, which can complement your personal style, aid in your mental and physical healing. Feel free to shop around to find your own favorite items and create unique look with the help of wooden jewelry! 

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