Elite shungite water stones for pets 50 grams (up to 3 grams each) with 3 pouches

-30% Elite shungite water stones for pets 50 grams (up to 3 grams each) with 3 pouches

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Authentic shungite from Karelia

The Zazhoginsky deposit shungite is the only place of the origin of this amazing stone!

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Authentic elite shungite from Russia

Found and handpicked in The Republic of Karelia, Russia.


The weight of this stone set is: 50 grams (0,11 lbs.)

The weight of each stone is around   0-3 grams (0- 0,0066 lbs.)

The size of each stone is about about 5-15 mm (0,20 – 0,59 inches)

The picture is for illustrative purposes only! You'll receive the best stones we have.

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ELITE SHUNGITE WATER PURIFICATION FOR PETS. Our pets, just like us, need plenty of drinking water to live a healthy life. And while wild animals get their water from clean springs and other wildland reservoirs, our home pets drink the same water we do, which can be dirty and full of toxic elements. Elite shungite stones for water get rid of up to 95% of negative waste elements in water, such as chlorine, bacteria, microorganisms, heavy metals and so on.

ELITE SHUNGITE PROPERTIES. Elite shungite is the I type of shungite stone and it has up to 98% of carbon in its composition, which means that raw elite shungite has more fullerenes in it and has bigger filtering capabilities. Elite shungite stone mineralizes and enriches water with such positive elements as oxygen, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and many other, and that, coupled with other shungite properties has a massive positive effect on your pet's health.

FRESH AND TASTY WATER. Raw authentic elite shungite stones for water purification keep your pet's drinking water fresh and tasty longer. Moreover, shungite stones for water purification can be used twice as long as a standard water filter, they are also cheaper and cannot break, shungite rock is also totally safe for the environment (being a part of nature).



Using elite shungite water stones is very easy. You need to use 50-70 grams of elite shungite stone per one liter of water. Put the stones in your drinking water and leave them there for 6-12 hours. You can drink shungite water after six hours of cleansing, however the best effects are achieved after 12 hours. Enjoy shungite water and heal yourself with the nature of the North!

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      Elite or noble shungite contains up to 98% of organic carbon. This type of shungite differs greatly from regular shungite stones and have shiny silvery surface with metallic lustre. Elite shungite nuggets are usually sold in their raw natural shape due to the high fragility of the stone. Due to higher carbon content type I shungite is considered to have even greater energetic potential and more powerful crystal vibes. It is widely used for protection, water purification and mineralization, and chakra balancing. While elite shungite stones sets are perfectly suitable for water filtration, big noble nuggets in their unique natural shape may become a pearl of your crystal collection.   






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