Shungite Stone Bundles

<h1>Shungite Stone Bundles</h1>

      Shungite bundles  are known to be one of the most effective means against for EMF protection. EMF surrounds us in our daily life due to the widespread use of electronic devices. Karelian Heritage experts have designed different shungite bundles for your convenience and needs for comprehensive personal protection.

      To ensure comprehensive protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation it is usually recommended to use several shungite items to reduce the exposure to radiation-emitting devices. The more shungite items you have around you, the more powerful protection against EMF shungite grants you. Learn more in our detailed blog article on EMF protection!
Shungite products have proven to:
· Be an effective shield from EMF so widespread today due to electronic devices;
· Activate internal self-regulation mechanisms of the human body;
· Relieve stress and tension of a person;
· Relieve the sense of fatigue;
· Relieve headaches;
· Ensure psychological rehabilitation of the person;
· Restore the metabolism functions;
· Improve the condition of people with hypertensive disorders and emotionally labile impairments;
· Normalizes blood pressure and cardiovascular system;
· Improve sleep;
· Relieves anxiety and hyperexcitability, as well as stops unusual emotional reactions;
· Increase overall tonus and body resistance rise.

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