Shungite and quartz non-polished sphere 70 mm

-30% Shungite and quartz non-polished sphere 70 mm

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Authentic shungite from Karelia, Russia

The Zazhoginsky deposit shungite is the only place of the origin of this amazing stone!

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Shungite and quartz non-polished sphere


Material: regular shungite with inclusions of quartz

Diameter: 7 cm (2,75 inches)

Weight: 470 grams (1,03 lbs.)


Clear quartz and shungite both are crystals of cleansing and can help you to achieve clear mind and a healthy view on your current state. They are also beneficial for cleansing your body, mind and spirit from negative energy and attracting flows of positive energy. Quartz is a perfect combination for our favorite shungite, since both of this stones help you with relaxation with their soothing energy. This property will help you to get away from busy city life and have a perfectly calm evening. Simply lay these stones together at your living room or at bedroom to have calm sleep.


Shungite spheres are universal items that can be used for different purposes. First of all, they provide strong protection against EMF and geopathic stress influence. Moreover, due to their shape spheres can easily be used for crystal healing and meditation practices. They will provide you therapeutic effect and bring you harmony and balance for the rest of a day.

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      Shungite spheres appear to be a perfect solution when it comes to shielding from geopathic stress and EMF radiation. If you want to protect against EMF, place shungite sphere on a stand near Wi-Fi router, computer or TV set. In order to strengthen your energy field and bring internal harmony and tranquility to your everyday life, use spheres as a part of home décor. Thanks to their shape shungite stone spheres are easy to exercise with. In order to experience their therapeutic effects you can play with the spheres in your hands for a couple of minutes or just carry them in your pocket. This way shungite spheres will supply you with positive energy and help you to feel happier and healthier.


      Both polished and non-polished spheres can be used for EMF protection and meditation practices. The efficiency of sphere doesn’t depend on its style. What really matters is the size of shungite sphere determining its action radius. The larger the item, the bigger action radius it has and more comprehensive protection it provides.






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