Shungite Pyramids

<h1>Shungite Pyramids</h1>
        Shungite pyramids are the most popular shungite items all over the world. The shape of the Egyptian pyramid is known for its magical properties that make the pyramid have the great positive influence on everything that surrounds it. Apart from being one of the most effective tool against electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation and geopathic zones, shungite pyramids provide you with the protection of your body and soul supplying you with positive energy and protecting you from harmful influences.

     Both polished and non-polished pyramids that are present in the market are widely applied since they provide the same effects no matter whether you use a polished item or a non-polished one. It means that polished and non-polished items are the same in terms of their efficiency when it comes to protection, but they differ in the way they look like. What truly matters is the size of the pyramid since the radius of the protection varies depending on the size and the number of the items. In the simplest terms, the more is the pyramid, the more protected you are. 

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