Shungite Set for Comprehensive Household Protection

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Authentic shungite from Karelia

The Zazhoginsky deposit shungite is the only place of the origin of this amazing stone!

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Comprehensive protection shungite set

This shungite set is perfect for your household protection from EMF. Shungite pyramid is a powerhouse of energy and thanks to its shape is able to share its protective properties with a large area. Using shungite pyramids at home protects not only you from EMF but also your close ones around you. Smaller shungite pyramid is an effective tool for EMF shielding and can be put next to a plethora of your home appliances, e.g. laptop, TV, microwave, etc. The bigger pyramids are great when it comes to protection of larger areas - rooms and apartments. In turn, the shungite phone sticker will make sure that you are effectively protected from your phone’s EMF.

This set comes in 3 variations:

1.  Basic Shungite Set for Comprehensive Household Protection includes:

- Rectangular shungite phone plate to attach to mobile phone or other gadgets for EMF protection

Shape: rectangular

Made of polished regular shungite

Easy to attach

Size: 40х30х5 mm (1,6*1,2*0,2 inches)

Weight: 12 grams (0,026 lbs.)

- Polished small shugnite pyramid for EMF protection

Size: 30 * 30mm (1.18 inches)

Weight: 25 grams (0,63 Oz)

Action radius: 1 m (3.3 feet)

Made of regular polished shungite

2. Medium Shungite Set for Comprehensive Household Protection includes:

4 Shungite pyramids for home EMF protection

Size of 1 pyramid: 50 * 50 mm (1,97x1,97 inches)

Action radius: 2.6 meters (8,5 feet)

Weight: 110 grams (0,24 lbs.)

Made of regular polished shungite

3. Premium Shungite set for comprehensive household protection includes:

- 2 Small shungite EMF protection pyramids

Size: 30 * 30mm (1.18 inches)

Weight: 25 grams (0.63 Oz)

Action radius: 1 m (3.3 feet)

Material: regular shungite

- Polished shungite pyramid 50 mm

Size: 50 * 50 mm (1,97 * 1,97 inches)

Action radius: 2.6 meters (8,5 feet)

Weight: 110 grams (0,24)

Material: regular shungite

- 100 mm Polished shungite pyramid

Size: 100 * 100 mm (3.94 * 3.94 inches)

Weight: 650 grams (1.43 pounds)

Action radius: 10 meters (32.8 feet)

Material: regular shungite

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AUTHENTIC. Our shungite pyramids are made of real stone extracted from the Zazhoginsky deposit in Karelia. This is the only deposit in the world where such an amazing mineral is mined. We are originally from Karelia and have been specializing in Shungite since 2015. Please find the certificate attached.

EMF PROTECTION. If you’ve been searching for a blocker or a harmonizer to reduce the electromagnetic field in your space, you might have discovered authentic Shungite stones. The shungite pyramid is an exclusive item that protects you from the radiation of any gadget including your wifi router, mobile phone, computer, or laptop.

SPACE HARMONIZATION. Shungite has an ability to cleanse bad energy from your home, personal space, or office. The radius of action of the shungite pyramid is 1.5 times greater than quartz, lapis lazuli and jade. Placing it up at the highest point of your room will help shift a vibe in your home or office from negative or stressful to a more peaceful one. It is considered to be more powerful than an orgone pyramid or an onyx crystal.

ENHANCE POSITIVE ENERGY: Shungite is a powerful healing stone and natural stress reliever, popularized by its ability to dispel negative energies. Carry it in your pocket or place it on your altar to bring happiness, positivity, and joy into your life. Uses: healing crystals and healing stones, chakra meditation pyramid, grounding pyramid, manifesting crystals, harmonizer.

100% AUTHENTIC SHUNGITE. The set will arrive in original packaging with a business card. Crafted from durable genuine Type III Shungite.

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      The pyramid shape has been popular since the appearance of human beings due to its magical properties and symbolic meaning. Placing shungite pyramid at your home or in the office contributes a lot to your healthy living. If you want to protect against EMF, place shungite pyramid near Wi-Fi router, computer or TV set. In order to strengthen your energy field and bring internal harmony and tranquility to your everyday life, use shungite pyramids as a part of home décor. Apart from improving your physical health shungite pyramid will stabilize your relationships with relatives and colleagues.


      There are polished and non-polished shungite pyramids and both of them are widely used for protection and healing. They provide the same effects in terms of EMF protection and crystal vibrations, and differ only in the way they look. What really matters is the size of shungite pyramid determining its action radius. The larger the item, the bigger action radius it has and more comprehensive protection it provides.



      Scientific research has shown that shungite is able to block electromagnetic radiation and significantly weakens its impact on the body. Protective shungite phone plates made of authentic shungite can easily protect from the cell phone’s radiation. Since cell phone is the most frequently used source of EMF radiation, shungite phone stickers are must have items for everyone in the modern world. Putting small sticker on your phone you will enhance the state of your nervous system and the condition of the bio-field as well as improve your overall health.


      Shungite phone stickers have adhesive backing and they are easy to attach to your phone, tablet, laptop and other gadgets. The action radius of each phone sticker is big enough and accounts for approximately 1 meter (39 inches).So you can place them either on the back side of your gadget or on cell phone case.



      To ensure comprehensive protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation it is usually recommended to use several shungite items to reduce the exposure. Shungite sets for EMF protection are known to be one of the most effective shields from EMF which surrounds us in our daily life. They usually include shaped items such as pyramids or spheres and shungite jewelry pieces that will provide protection for you and your home.


      Moreover, shungite sets can be used for healing purposes. For example, sets with shungite protection jewelry and crystal nuggets are a perfect tool for chakra balancing. Overall shungite protection sets with spheres can be used for meditation practices. They help to clean your mind and organize your thoughts. It is a perfect way to protect against negative energies, bring harmony and balance into your life.






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