EMF protection shungite pyramid for Scorpio-born

EMF protection shungite pyramid for Scorpio-born

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Shungite 50 mm pyramid with Scorpio zodiac sign


Size: 50 * 50 mm (1,97x1,97 inches)

The radius of action: 2,6 meters (8 feet)

Weight: 90 grams (0,19 pounds)

Material: regular shungite

This zodiac Scorpio shungite pyramid is for those born between October 23 and November 21.

People born with the Sun in Scorpio are brave and decisive. They are fond of facts and truth and hates dishonesty. Scorpio is always dedicated to what they do and it helps them to achieve success both in business and in private life.

Miracle shungite stone is perfectly matching with the calm and mysterious nature of Scorpio-born. Shungite helps them to balance the energy flows and establish profound connections with the outer world


It is believed that shungite items of pyramid shape positively influence the human’s body and internal health. They can be a perfect tool for home protection against EMF. They can create a positive and protecting bio-field around themselves in the radius up to 5 meters and more. Placing the shungite pyramid at your working space or in the bedroom will contribute a lot to your health and well-being.

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      The pyramid shape has been popular since the appearance of human beings due to its magical properties and symbolic meaning. Placing shungite pyramid at your home or in the office contributes a lot to your healthy living. If you want to protect against EMF, place shungite pyramid near Wi-Fi router, computer or TV set. In order to strengthen your energy field and bring internal harmony and tranquility to your everyday life, use shungite pyramids as a part of home décor. Apart from improving your physical health shungite pyramid will stabilize your relationships with relatives and colleagues.


      There are polished and non-polished shungite pyramids and both of them are widely used for protection and healing. They provide the same effects in terms of EMF protection and crystal vibrations, and differ only in the way they look. What really matters is the size of shungite pyramid determining its action radius. The larger the item, the bigger action radius it has and more comprehensive protection it provides.






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