Shungite Gift Ideas

Shungite Gift Ideas

      Are you looking for a perfect gift for your mom, dad, best friend or work buddy? Whether it is for Christmas, Birthday or any other occasion shungite is a great option for crystal lovers. This black Karelian stone’s natural beauty and powerful healing energy will bring positive changes into the lives of your loved ones. Browse our shungite gifts selection to save your time and money, and find a present your close ones will love.  

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Shungite round beads from Russia wholesale 200 pieces 6 mm

Shungite round polished beads wholesale set Diameter of shungite beads: 6 mm (0,24 inches)Quantity: ..


Scandinavian round shungite pendant Odin’s Crows

Shungite protection charm with engravingShape: round Made of polished regular shungite Size: 30x30..


Black shungite stone pyramid for EMF protection

Polished shungite pyramid for EMF protection and geopathic stress reductionSize: 60 * 60 mm (2.36 x ..


Non-polished shungite cylindrical harmonizers (30*105 mm) (shungite and soapstone/talkohlorit)

The set includes 2 healing rods One harmonizer is made of shungite and another one of Tulikivi (soa..


Wholesale Shungite Pendants Set -30%

Wholesale Shungite Pendants Set

The set includes 10 different pendantsPendant small circle: Weight: 5 grams. Diameter: 30 mm..

$74.09 $52.19

Elite shungite pendant for EMF protection and chakra

Elite shungite pendant Shape: unique shape of original elite shungite nugget Made of raw el..


Petrovsky shungite necklace with round beads

Petrovsky shungite necklace with round beadsMade of type II shungite beads (with about 75% of ..


Shungite necklace on a chain with round 10 mm shungite beads

Dimensions and weight: Weight of the necklace is 15-20 grams (0.64 Oz). Size of beads is 10 mm. ..


Shungite engraved pendant with Mjolnir symbol

Shungite engraved pendant with Mjolnir symbol Shape: round Made of polished regular shungite Size..


Soapstone whiskey stones set

Soapstone whiskey chilling stones setThe set includes 9 whiskey stones which are made of soapstone/t..


Shungite grounding pyramid 100 mm

Non-polished shungite pyramid for grounding and chakra balancingSize: 100 * 100 mm - 3.94 * 3.94 inc..


150 mm Non-polished shungite pyramid

Size: 5.9 * 5.9 inches - 150 * 150 mm Approximate weight: 2150 grams - 4.74 pounds Action radius: ..


Shungite bracelet with tumbled beads

Shungite bracelet Made of polished shungite tumbled beads  Style: on elastic band Size o..