Shungite Figurines

Shungite Figurines

     Shungite figurines are popular shungite items that are famous for the huge variety of shapes and their protective and curative properties due to the wonderful mineral of shungite these items are made of. Shungite is famous for being capable to protect the human body and all the body systems against any harmful influences including the electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) radiation, geopathic zones harmful influences and all the negative energetic flows that could lead to the disbalanced energetic biofield and chakras.

     Since shungite mineral is quite amenable to carving and perfecting, almost any shape of the shungite figurine is possible to create. The variety of shapes makes shungite figurines more popular than ever since every person could have a figurine according to his or her preferences, wishes and demands. Apart from being attractive and joyful, shungite figurines act as a powerful shield against any harmful influences that could affect your body and soul.

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Shungite Cat figurine

Shungite figurine "Cat"MATERIAL AND SIZEWeight: 125 grams (0,27 pounds)Size: 110*30 mm (4,3*1,18 inc..


Shungite decorative Buddha figurine

Shungite decorative Buddha figurineMATERIAL AND SIZEMade of shungite powder (reconstituted shung..


Shungite figurine “Owl in Love”

Shungite figurine “Owl in Love” MATERIAL AND SIZEWeight: 180 grams (0,39 pounds) Size: 30*30*40 m..


Shungite figurine "Marmoset"

Decor shungite figurine "Marmoset" MATERIAL AND SIZEWeight: 520 grams (1,15 pounds) Size: 130*50*75 ..