Natural shungite soap for daily usage «Karelian Treasures»

-30% Natural shungite soap for daily usage «Karelian Treasures»

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Natural shungite soap «Karelian Treasures» for daily hand and body skin cleansing. Natural detergent components and organic extracts of Karelian berries softly cleansing your skin without over drying, saturate skin with vitamins and actively tonic it.

Advantages of the product:

Does not contain sulphates, parabens and mineral oil.

Organic extracts of Karelian berries such as cloudberry, whortleberry, cranberry, raspberry and cowberry flled with nature energy stimulate cell renewal and exercise active tonic and antioxidant effect.

Karelian shungite protects skin with antioxidants, has an antiinnammatory effect and stimulates processes of skin regeneration.


Sodium Paalmate*, Sodium Canolate*, Sodium Olivate*, Sodium Cocoate*, Auua With Infusions Of Organic Rubus Chamaemorus (Cloudberry) Extract*, Organic Vaccinium Angustfolium (Whortleberry) Fruit Extract*, Organic Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Fruit Extract*, Vaccinium Vitsiidaea (Cowberry) Fruit Extract*, Vaccinium aacrocarpon Fruit Extract (Cranberry)*, Vaccinium ayrtllus

Еxtract and Мaltodextrin (Blueberry)*, Paarfum, EDTA Na, Citronelol, Di Limonene, CI 12490, ВНТ

*Natural ingredients

Volume: 100 grams

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Authentic shungite from Karelia, Russia

The Zazhoginsky deposit shungite is the only place of the origin of this amazing stone!

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