Shungite Pet Collar Charms

Shungite Pet Collar Charms

      Shungite pet collar charms are designed to protect your pets from harmful influences that affect all the living creatures. Apart from effective electro-magnetic frequency (EMF)  protection shungite stones contribute to a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional state of animals. Your pets are also exposed to negative energy and harmful influences as you are and the shungite pet collar charm is a great solution of bringing a protective energy in the lives of your pets and making their lives happier and healthier.

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Elite shungite pet collar charm

Elite shungite pet collar charm MATERIAL AND SIZEWeight: 5-10 grams (0,011-0,022 pounds) Material: elite shungiteShape: raw shapeThe picture is for illustrative purposes only. You will get the best available item! The collar charm is easy to use, just attach it to the collar to ensure comprehensive protection of your pet.ABOUT PET COLLARSElectro-magnetic frequency radiation and geomagnetic stress zones are harmful not only for people, but for our pets too. Animals are even more sensitive to negative energy. In order to protect them from dangerous influence, use shungite pets’ accessories. They have its own bio-field which extinguishes the effects of the EMF radiation. Shungite pet collars increase the level of your pet’s energy and reduce the stress which comes as a consequence of the exposure. Wearing shungite collar on a daily basis your pet will feel much more comfortable and healthy. ..