Petrovsky shungite

Petrovsky shungite

      Petrovsky shungite is rare type II shungite valued high all over the world due to high percentage of carbon (about 75%) and shiny black color.  This type of shungite gets his name from Peter the Great. An old legend claims that it was petrovsky shungite stones that Russian Emperor used for water purification in soldiers’ water cans during the battle with Sweden in 18 century.

      The popularity of Petrovsky shungite is one the rise since it is very close to elite or noble shungite in terms of carbon amount and crystal energy, but it is not so fragile. Thus, Petrovsky shungite can be easily shaped and polished to create stylish jewelry pieces that will bring harmony and stability into your life. 

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Petrovsky shungite pendant New

Petrovsky shungite pendant

You can choose one of two options:1. Polished Petrovsky shungite pendant PE83Weight: 7-12 gram..