Baltic Amber Necklace for Adults with Cognac-colored Beads

-30% Baltic Amber Necklace for Adults with Cognac-colored Beads

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Authentic shungite from Karelia

The Zazhoginsky deposit shungite is the only place of the origin of this amazing stone!

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Baltic Amber Necklace for Adults with Cognac-colored Beads

- The necklace weighs only 7 grams (0,25 oz.), so it gives you nice warm weightless feeling when you touch it – complete opposite of a cold touch of natural stones.

- The size of this amber necklace is 48 cm (18,89 inches), however, customization is available – write to us if you need a different size.

- The necklace is made of amber beads of cognac color. The thread is made of 100% natural silk – very strong material. The necklace is locked with plastic twist clasp.

- Rich in succinic acid that has proved its effectiveness in treating inflammations of throat, ears stomach, thyroid and other important organs.

- Succinic acid can help you fight common cold, restore and prevent skin disorders, strengthen respiratory system and boost overall immune system.

- The best medicinal effects of Baltic amber necklace are achieved when it has a lot of contact with your skin: it is crucial that you wear your amber jewelry under your clothes.

- Unpolished beads only - no artificial polishing materials that could tamper with amber’s healing properties.

- What’s more, amber necklace is a perfect solution for your kid’s teething pains by reducing inflammation of gums - all thanks to the succinic acid.

- Easing teething pains proves to be beneficial for you too – you can finally rest and have a full night sleep while your child is calm thanks to amber teething necklace.

- All our amber jewelry is made thoughtfully with care towards your child – amber teething necklace has additional knots to prevent it from twisting and tangling and dealing harm to your child.

- The amber we use is 100% natural and comes from Lithuania – only Baltic amber of best quality.

- With its magnificent shade of amber this accessory can suit a large amount of outfits from professional attires to night-out looks.

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