Other Items

Other Items

     There is an endless list of the products and items that can be made or shungite, from magnets and glassware to massage stones that are currently grow in popularity due to the distinctive protective properties of shungite as a mineral of life. Apart from providing a comprehensive protection against electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) radiation and reducing the effect of the geopathic zones on human body performance, shungite items provide a powerful energetic tool for attracting the positive energy and blocking the negative one when encountered. Therefore, using shungite items contributes to your physical and spiritual health and helps you to bring a stability and safety in your life.

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Karelian shungite wand for chakra balancing and crystal healing

Shungite crystal wand for chakra balancing and crystal healingMATERIAL AND SIZEWeight: 150 grams (0...


Polished shungite cell phone stand for EMF protection

Shungite phone stand for comprehensive EMF protectionMATERIAL AND SIZEMaterial: regular shngite..


Protective polished shungite points set -30%

Protective polished shungite points set

Shungite points set for crystal grids and meditationTHE SET INCLUDES:  1 big polished shungite ..

$55.32 $39.00

Shungite cup for water purification

Shungite water cup to clean and mineralize your drinks MATERIAL AND SIZEMaterial: regular shungite..


Small polished shungite point for crystal healing

Shungite point for meditation and healingMATERIAL AND SIZEWeight: 30 grams (0.06 pounds)Size:  ..


Elite shungite hair pin

Elite shungite hairpin for personal protection MATERIAL AND SIZEWeight: 3 grams (0,006 pounds) Len..


Polished shungite massage stone

Polished shungite massage stone to get a sense of connection and securityMATERIAL AND SIZEMate..


Shungite massage and meditation sticks set

Shungite massage and meditation sticks set THE SET INCLUDES: 2 shungite massage sticks MAT..


Shungite merkabas meditation set -30%

Shungite merkabas meditation set

Shungite merkabas meditation set THE SET INCLUDES 6 items: 3 merkabas of 30 mm and 3 merkabas of 40 ..

$186.80 $131.33

Non-polished shungite massage stone

Shungite massage tumbled oval stone MATERIAL AND SIZEWeight: 180 grams (0,39 pounds)Dimensions: 80*..


Polished shungite massage stick pencil with a sharp end

Shungite massage stone from Russia MATERIAL AND SIZEWeight: 40 grams (0.09 lb.) Length: 80-90 mm (..


Shungite pendulum on a chain

Shungite pendulum on a chain for crystal healingMATERIAL AND SIZEShape: sharp pendulumMaterial: regu..


Shungite Christian prayer beads

Shungite Christian prayer beads MATERIAL AND SIZEMaterial: regular shungite Style: polishedSize o..


Shungite merkaba 30 mm

Shungite merkaba for stability and balance MATERIAL AND SIZEWeight: 48 grams (0,11 pounds) Size of..


Shungite merkaba 40 mm

Shungite merkaba for chakra balancingMATERIAL AND SIZEWeight: 115 grams (0,25 pounds)Size of th..