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Authentic shungite from Karelia

The Zazhoginsky deposit shungite is the only place of the origin of this amazing stone!

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Polished shungite brick


Material: regular shungite
Size: 5x10x20 cm (1,96x3,94x7,87 inches)
Weight: 2700 grams (5,95 lbs.)


If you wish to create a safe space in your household, then shungite bricks can become your new favorite shungite item out there. They can be used in construction, which is their primary purpose. Buildings (or just walls) built with shungite bricks will be able to shield you from large amount of negative influences, including electromagnetic fields (or EMF) and 5G radiation. This is an ultimate form of shungite protection as you literally put a shungite wall between the source of radiation and yourself.
However, construction is not only area which may benefit from shungite bricks. Their stylish deep black color makes them a great unorthodox decorative item for your home. Shungite bricks may serve as a stand for your food (in the same way as shungite tiles) and they will help your food remain fresh. Besides, shungite is a powerhouse of energy and it can share it with other crystals to keep them in shape. That way, shungite brick can become a large charging station for your crystals – simply put them on top of a shungite brick when you don’t need them.

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      Shungite tiles are widely used in construction and decoration due to its deep and attractive black color and various shapes. Shungite stone tiles, placed on the walls, will provide a powerful protection from EMF radiation at any place. You may also use them as a stand for your mobile phone, Wi-Fi router or any other sources of EMF you use the most. In order to reduce the EMF radiation influence on you, you just need to put your device on the tile that will be absorbing the part of electromagnetic waves and shield you from their damaging effects.


     Moreover, shungite tiles are often used in the kitchen to keep fruits and vegetable fresh longer. Putting them on a piece of shungite you will preserve all the vitamins and microelements and protect from toxins.




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