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Shungite FAQ

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Authentic shungite from Karelia, Russia

The Zazhoginsky deposit shungite is the only place of the origin of this amazing stone!

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Premium Shungite Stone Wellness Set 

This set includes: 

- Fresh Forest Shungite Reed Diffuser with Pine Needle, Juniper, Cedarwood and Tangerine Essential Oils

- Crystal Candle with Shungite Powder and Patchouli Essential Oil

- Space Clearing Shungite Spray with Grapefruit, Patchouli and Sage

- Healing and Cleansing Round Hot Process Shungite Soap with Lemongrass

- Energizing and Stress Reducing Shungite Water Roll-on with Orange and Ginger

- Elite shungite pendant for EMF protection and chakra balancing


This wellness set will give you plenty positive properties for any purpose you need. The fresh forest diffuser will ground you and help you in meditations. Its wonderful odor will make you think that you actually are in a Karelian forest – that way you will be able to unwind and forget about negative things in life. Space clearing spray is truly beneficial if you need to purify the space around you from negative energy and influences and will help you in spiritual practices and healing techniques. The energizing roll on can aid you in reducing your stress level after a busy day and preparing yourself for what’s to come. Shungite, of course combines and enhances these properties, among many more, which include energy balancing, chakra stimulation, protection, physical, mental and spiritual healing.


The properties of this shungite stone set are the result of a powerful combination of its ingredients.

Pine needle essential oil can give you a wisdom of nature and its longevity. Thanks to that, you will have more awareness and clarity, making better decisions. You will see your place in life much clearer and will be able to follow the correct path towards your goals. In meditations, pine needles will help you to define your intentions to succeed in every endeavor.

Cedarwood essential oil is truly a tool of balance – that is why it is essential for meditations. It can bring you emotional and energy balance, which is truly important when it comes to wholesome everyday existence. Cedarwood helps you in grounding, calming and relaxation so you can spend time after work reflexing and healing.

Juniper berry oil is beneficial for fertility and abundance – a great tool for wellness and wellbeing. It also has positive effect of purification. That is very helpful if you wish to clean your energy and the environment around you. Moreover, thanks to its protection property, you will be safe from negative threats and influences from the outside.

Grapefruit provides invigorating and energizing aroma, invokes a sense of clarity, and due to its main chemical component, limonene, can help uplift mood. More than that, it has powerful cleansing properties and it helps to push the tense feelings away. When you are feeling down, you can use grapefruit oil for positive vibes. Also, grapefruit promotes feelings of vitality, uplifts mood and promotes a sense of focus.

Patchouli has grounding and balancing effect on emotions. Patchouli essential oil is rich with Patchoulol, a highly grounding chemical component. Because of this component, Patchouli oil has its mood-harmonizing properties. Moreover, it helps to leave the stress of the day behind you by providing you with grounding and stabilizing properties. 

Sage has an ability to strengthen the senses, which is helpful for supporting the respiratory, nervous, and other body systems. It helps in coping with despair and mental fatigue. It is used traditionally in Europe for treating skin disorders and for cleansing and purifying the home from negative influences.


- Do not consume essential oils internally.

- Avoid contact of essential oils with your eyes and mucous membranes.

- Keep essential oils out of reach of children

- Do not use essential oils during pregnancy. Essential oils of cypress, lavender, juniper, spearmint and sage can be especially harmfull during pregnancy period.

- Avoid using essential oils of citruses if you have symptoms of melanoma, age-induced dark spots, large birthmarks, large dark freckles and/or skin cancer.

- Do not use essential oils on your children without doctor’s consent. They can have an influence on hormonal system which can have both positive and negative consequences.

- If you have issues with your cardio-vascular system, you should consult a doctor before using essential oils. Do not use essential oils of pine after myocardial infraction (heart attack) or if you have chest pains due to angina. Do not use juniper and spearmint essential oil if you suffer from heavy essential hypertension. If you have low blood pressure, do not use ylang-ylang, lemon and tea tree essential oils.

- Do not use pine essential oils if you suffer from heavy diseases of kidneys, such as nephrotic syndrome, pyelonephritis, etc. 

- If you are going through treatment which includes Iodine and iron medication, do not use lavender essential oil.

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