Premium Shungite Stone Introduction Set

-30% Premium Shungite Stone Introduction Set

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Authentic shungite from Karelia

The Zazhoginsky deposit shungite is the only place of the origin of this amazing stone!

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Premium Shungite Stone Introduction Set

We present to you a special shungite crystal set, which will help you to get acquainted with all major shungite properties. The properties that this shungite set covers include personal EMF protection, EMF protection for home, water purification, crystal healing and grounding. Thus, with only one shungite stone set you will be able to get a comprehensive shungite healing and protection. All the shungite products that you will find in this introduction set are our best-sellers, so all of these shungite crystal goods have already proven their efficiency and usefulness.

If you are new to the world of shungite healing and protection, you will find this set to be a great start for your shungite journey. For our returning clients the set is a perfect chance to add something new to your shungite collection and to try new shungite properties. What’s more, shungite introduction set can become a wonderful gift for your close ones, either if you want to grant them shungite properties or if they already are crystal enthusiasts.

Premium Shungite Set includes:

- EMF protection for home: Shungite high pyramid 80 mm (3,14 inches)

- Personal EMF protection: Shungite pendant with tumbled elite shungite + shungite phone stand  

- Water Purification: Elite shungite set with 3-5 gram (0,1-0,18 oz) stones (100 grams (3,52 oz))

- NEW SHUNGITE ITEM: Shungite Hand-poured Crystal Candle with dried lavender and rose and elite shungite or tumbled shungite stones – YOU WON’T FIND IT ANYWHERE ELSE!


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      To ensure comprehensive protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation it is usually recommended to use several shungite items to reduce the exposure. Shungite sets for EMF protection are known to be one of the most effective shields from EMF which surrounds us in our daily life. They usually include shaped items such as pyramids or spheres and shungite jewelry pieces that will provide protection for you and your home.


      Moreover, shungite sets can be used for healing purposes. For example, sets with shungite protection jewelry and crystal nuggets are a perfect tool for chakra balancing. Overall shungite protection sets with spheres can be used for meditation practices. They help to clean your mind and organize your thoughts. It is a perfect way to protect against negative energies, bring harmony and balance into your life.




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