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Authentic shungite from Karelia

The Zazhoginsky deposit shungite is the only place of the origin of this amazing stone!

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Shungite Pendant for EMF & 5G Protection


Shape: thick tablet

Made of polished regular shungite

Size: 45*45*10 mm (1.7*1.7*0.4 inches)

Weight: 35 grams (0.07 lbs)

Please, be advised that all pictures are for illustrative purposes only!

MINIMALISTIC AND COMFORTABLE 1 pendant on a waxed cotton cord, approximately 0.08 lbs (35 grams) and 1.7 inches (45 mm). The simple shape and deep black color of this pendant suits any outfit so you can comfortably wear it every day. Black residue from shungite is normal and safe, and is a sign of authenticity. It will arrive in original packaging with a business card. Order yours now from Karelian Heritage.

AUTHENTIC Our shungite pendants are made of real stone extracted from the Zazhoginsky deposit in Karelia. This is the only deposit in the world where such an amazing mineral is mined. We are originally from Karelia and have been specializing in Shungite since 2015.

HEALING POWER Elite shungite stones are known for their strong healing power. Necklace activates biological healing points in our chest and head, protects us from negative energies, and restores our balance. Wear the necklace close to your skin to feel centered and grounded.

CHAKRA BALANCING Shungite as a black mineral heals the root chakra, the first sacred point in our bodies that receives the energy and controls its flow to other chakras. Balance this chakra to ground yourself, relieve stress, dispel negative energies, and become more confident.

EMF & 5G PROTECTION If you’ve been searching for a blocker or a harmonizer to reduce the electromagnetic field in your space, you might have discovered authentic shungite stones. The shungite pendant is a unique item that will protect you from radiation emitted by devices such as laptops, phones and Wi-Fi routers.


Personal shungite protection is an essential part of shungite healing and we always try to extend shungite protective abilities with new products. New shungite round thick pendant can give you just what you need from shungite – solid comprehensive protection from negative influences and massive energy boost.

Shungite pendants are known for their care over a chest area, which is a crucial hub for the human body. With a larger volume and larger amount of shungite comes the larger amount of fullerenes in a single round thick pendant. Fullerenes provide this pendant with a plethora of healing properties that help to support your cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, endocrinal systems along with many more.

When it comes to protection, a shungite round thick pendant works twice as hard to shield you from negative influences and energy around you, especially EMF and 5G radiation. It also makes sure that no geopathic zone hurts you, protecting you from geopathic stress.

All in all, more shungite is always better, so this pendant is a new more effective solution to increasing the power of your shungite jewelry!


Shungite necklaces and pendants are one of the most effective protective tools against electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress influence. Moreover, they are proven to help with throat and breathing problems. Wearing shungite stone necklaces and pendants on daily basis can relieve pain in neck and head. These stylish accessories will also be a source of positive energy that will contribute to your well-being.

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