Shungite Set to Attract Love

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Shungite FAQ

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Authentic shungite from Karelia, Russia

The Zazhoginsky deposit shungite is the only place of the origin of this amazing stone!

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Shungite Set to Attract Love

You will receive one bracelet and one pendant

Shungite and Red Jasper Bracelet


Size of shungite beads: 8 mm (0,31 inches)

Size of purple red jasper beads: 8 mm (0,31 inches)

Approximate weight of the bracelet: around 20-25 grams (0,04-0,05 pounds)

Size of the bracelet: approximately 18 cm (about 7 inches)

Customization is available. Let us know you wrist size and we will make the bracelet just for you!

Style: on elastic band

Shungite Heart Pendant

Shape: heart

Made of polished regular shungite

Weight: 8 grams (0,018 pounds)

Size: 40*45*5 mm (1,6*1,8*0,2 inches)

Please, be advised that all pictures are for illustrative purposes only!

About red jasper:

Geological Description: Red jasper is one of the numerous types of jasper, an opaque mineral and common form of Chalcedony with the hardness of 6-7 on the Mohs Scale. Read jasper is quite widespread and can be found all over the world. The biggest deposits are located in Russia, India, Egypt and the United States.

Metaphysical Properties: Due to its color red jasper has powerful fiery energy. It attracts passion and love., enhances the energy and stamina of the owner, protects from misfortune and attracts luck. Red jasper will help you to gain confidence and achieve all your goals. Besides, it has long been known as a religious stone symbolizing the blood of Christ.

Healing Properties: Red jasper is believed to be very useful for women. It helps in childbirth and relives menstrual cramping pain. Red jasper stimulates respiratory system, improves blood circulation and generates muscle tissues.

Chakras: Powerful vibrations of Red jasper charges the Root Chakra, creates strong connections with the world and helps to find emotional stability. Besides, mediation with Red jasper stimulates Kundalini awakening.


Crystal jewelry is an extremely powerful tool for improving your physical health and maintaining internal harmony. Wearing crystal jewelry on daily basis will help you to reduce the influence of electromagnetic radiation emitted by phones and other gadgets. It also can help you to deal with stress and anxiety, manifest your desires and dreams, clean your mind and get rid of toxic thoughts and emotions.

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      To ensure comprehensive protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation it is usually recommended to use several shungite items to reduce the exposure. Shungite sets for EMF protection are known to be one of the most effective shields from EMF which surrounds us in our daily life. They usually include shaped items such as pyramids or spheres and shungite jewelry pieces that will provide protection for you and your home.


      Moreover, shungite sets can be used for healing purposes. For example, sets with shungite protection jewelry and crystal nuggets are a perfect tool for chakra balancing. Overall shungite protection sets with spheres can be used for meditation practices. They help to clean your mind and organize your thoughts. It is a perfect way to protect against negative energies, bring harmony and balance into your life.



      Shungite stone bracelets are worn by people of all ages and nationalities around the world. Apart from deep black color and immense variety of beads shapes they have proven to contribute to your physical and spiritual health and well-being. The wrist area has important bioactive points connected with nervous, respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular systems. Thus, shungite bracelets can contribute to psycho-emotional state, normalize blood pressure, provide greater stress resistance, strengthen physical health and subtle your body.


      We advice to wear shungite bracelets on the left hand since left arm is involved with the energy coming toward your body, so-called future energy. Putting shungite stone bracelet on your left wrist you will protect yourself from any negative unwanted vibrations incoming to your body. It will balance the energetic flows and provide you with overall protection for the whole day. There isn’t any short timing how long you need to wear your shungite bracelet as it has soothing energy and doesn’t produce intensive vibrations that can affect your body. Therefore, you can wear it on a daily basis to ensure comprehensive protection and healing. However, please, beware that it is better to remove shungite bracelet in shower, bath or swimming pool if you want to keep its natural beauty and shine over time.






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