Elegant handmade shungite string bracelet

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Elegant handmade shungite string bracelets add daintiness to any outfit due to deep shungite black color and are perfect choice for yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices due to powerful energy of this Karelian mineral.

This shungite minimalist string bracelet is made of 7 carefully polished round shungite beads. 

Size of a bead: 8 mm/0,31 inches

Size of bracelet is adjustable. 

Wearing these simple but stylish bracelet on your wrist you will feel protected, secure and happy. Positive energy of shungite will shield you from EMF, geopathic stress and evil eye, improve your performance, memory and concentration and bring harmony into your life by cleansing and charging the Root Chakra.  

It is not just the beads that matter but also the string. The string holds the beads together and represents the unity and cohesion.

Shungite black string bracelet is a classic option. Black color boosts confidence and adds elegancy. It can evoke very strong emotions, but in case of minimalist string bracelets its impact will never be overwhelming.

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      Shungite stone bracelets are worn by people of all ages and nationalities around the world. Apart from deep black color and immense variety of beads shapes they have proven to contribute to your physical and spiritual health and well-being. The wrist area has important bioactive points connected with nervous, respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular systems. Thus, shungite bracelets can contribute to psycho-emotional state, normalize blood pressure, provide greater stress resistance, strengthen physical health and subtle your body.


      We advice to wear shungite bracelets on the left hand since left arm is involved with the energy coming toward your body, so-called future energy. Putting shungite stone bracelet on your left wrist you will protect yourself from any negative unwanted vibrations incoming to your body. It will balance the energetic flows and provide you with overall protection for the whole day. There isn’t any short timing how long you need to wear your shungite bracelet as it has soothing energy and doesn’t produce intensive vibrations that can affect your body. Therefore, you can wear it on a daily basis to ensure comprehensive protection and healing. However, please, beware that it is better to remove shungite bracelet in shower, bath or swimming pool if you want to keep its natural beauty and shine over time.






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Authentic shungite from Karelia, Russia

The Zazhoginsky deposit shungite is the only place of the origin of this amazing stone!

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