200-400g (0.44-0.88 lbs) Filter by Tag: water purification

<h1>200-400g (0.44-0.88 lbs) Filter by Tag: water purification</h1>
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Elite Shungite Healing crystal 325 grams (0,71 lbs)

Authentic elite shungite nugget for meditation practices Found and handpicked in The Republic of Karelia, Russia.MATERIAL AND SIZEMaterial: elite shungiteShape: raw stoneWeight of stone: 325 grams (0,71 lbs)Approximate size of stone:  115*75*65 mm (4,52*2,95*2,55 inches)ABOUT SHUNGITE NUGGETSShungite nuggets appear to be a powerful natural healer and energy stabilizer. They are able to protect you of EMF influence and negative energies, help you keep your body and soul in harmony. You ..