100-200g (0.22-0.44 lbs)

<h1>100-200g (0.22-0.44 lbs)</h1>
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Raw Authentic Elite Shungite Stone 0,32 lbs

Authentic elite shungite nugget for jewelry Found and handpicked in The Republic of Karelia, Russia.MATERIAL AND SIZEMaterial: elite shungiteShape: raw stoneWeight of stone: 0,32 lbs (146 grams)Approximate size of stone: 2,95*2,36*1,96 inches (75*60*50 mm)ABOUT SHUNGITE NUGGETSShungite nuggets appear to be a powerful natural healer and energy stabilizer. They are able to protect you of EMF influence and negative energies, help you keep your body and soul in harmony. You can also use shungit..