Elite shungite jewelry

Elite shungite jewelry

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Elite shungite stud earrings

Elite shungite stud earringsMATERIAL AND SIZEWeight: approximately 5 grams (0.01 Ib) The item ..


Elite shungite adjustable ring with a double copper band

Healing shungite ring from RussiaMATERIAL ANS SIZEMaterial: Copper, elite shungiteStyle: double..


Elite shungite adjustable ring with a double silver band

Root chakra shungite ring MATERIAL ANS SIZEMaterial: Silver, elite shungiteStyle: double-l..


Elite shungite beads 10 pcs

Authentic elite shungite beads for handmade jewelryTHE SET INCLUDES: 10 elite shungite beadsMAT..


Elite shungite copper-plated adjustable ring

Elite shungite chakra ringMATERIAL ANS SIZEMaterial: Copper, elite shungiteSize: adjustable siz..


Elite shungite crystal bracelet

Elite shungite crystal bracelet for comprehensive personal protection MATERIAL AND SIZEMaterial: r..


Elite shungite crystal threader earrings

Elite shungite crystal threader earringsMATERIAL AND SIZEStyle: threader earrings with elite sh..


Elite shungite EMF protection bracelet

Shungite beaded bracelet with small elite shungite nuggets MATERIAL AND SIZEMaterial: regular shu..


Elite shungite French hook earrings with tassels

Elite shungite French hook earrings with tassels MATERIAL AND SIZEStyle: silver French hook earri..


Elite shungite hair pin

Elite shungite hairpin for personal protection MATERIAL AND SIZEWeight: 3 grams (0,006 pounds) Len..


Elite shungite hoop earrings

Elite shungite hoop earrings for chakra balancing MATERIAL AND SIZEStyle: hoop earrings Silver fi..


Elite shungite necklace on a chain with small nuggets

Elite shungite necklace on a chain with small elite shungite nuggetsMATERIAL AND SIZEWeight of the e..


Elite shungite pendant (wrapped)

Elite shungite wrapped pendant for personal EMF protectionMATERIAL AND SIZEShape: unique shape of or..


Elite shungite ring with an Antique bronze band

Elite shungite handmade ringMATERIAL ANS SIZEMaterial: bronze, elite shungiteStyle: Antiqu..


Elite shungite silver-plated adjustable ring

Silver-plated handmade shugnite ring MATERIAL ANS SIZEMaterial: Silver, elite shungit..