Your Heart Will Go on: Can I Wear Shungite if I Have a Pacemaker?

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      Shungite helps us every day thanks to its positive healing and protective abilities, but still it remains very mysterious stone to some newcomers or to people who only wish to start working with shungite. Because of this mysterious nature, there is still some shroud of controversial thoughts and ideas about shungite going around and today we are going to talk about one of such ideas. There is a misconception, that due to its ability to block the electro-magnetic fields (EMF) shungite can be harmful to people who use an electric cardiac pacemaker since in can affect the work of electric devices. So sit back and listen to our answer to the question “Is shungite harmful to people with artificial pacemaker?”


A clear and definite “NO!”


      Yeah, that is a complete myth and misconception and people who spread rumor clearly have no idea how shungite work. Yes, shungite does protect you from negative EMF coming from your numerous gadgets. But think about this for a second: it never actually affects the way said gadgets are functioning. Your phone still works perfectly, even if you put a shungite phone sticker on it. The same goes for your laptop, tablet, TV or microwave – if you diminish the amount of EMF that can harm you coming from an electrical device that doesn’t mean that the device will work worse – it’ll always be as good as without shungite.


      The same goes for your pacemaker. If there will be a shungite item nearby, it will definitely have an effect on the electromagnetic radiation that your pacemaker emits and reduce it at shungite’s action radius, but pacemaker’s work itself will not be affected in any way. Any time you will hear that your pacemaker can be affected by shungite just remember about your phone that works perfectly with shungite sticker on it.


Just the opposite


      Actually, outside EMF can contribute to an unstable work of an electric pacemaker. Especially today, when you have it coming from all possible sides. You can just take a quick look around and count how much electric devices you have around you – especially those that have constant internet or mobile connection with the outside world. This number is much higher than it was in the years when pacemakers were introduced, so EMF wasn’t even a factor that could have been considered a threat. Today, all of this EMF creates so much static that it is this what can be a threat to your pacemaker’s stable work. Let alone 5G radiation, which requires so much mobile towers (every 150 meters) that you are being constantly bombarded by millimeter waves (MMW) which pierce human body much easier than EMF.


      That is why there is a need to shield the pacemaker itself from the negative effects of EMF. In that the best solution would be wearing shungite jewelry on the chest, mainly shungite necklaces and shungite pendants. Not only they will protect the pacemaker from the harmful influence of EMF and MMW, but they will have massive effect on your physical and spiritual health. Shungite is beneficial for cardiovascular system and that must be important for you if you are wearing a pacemaker.


      So as you see your pacemaker will be safer with shungite than it is without it. Shungite will never interfere with its work and your heart will always be beating like a clock. Purchase shungite and shield yourself from harmful EMF with the power of the North.



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