Wooden Jewelry to Get Closer to Nature

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handmade-woode-jewelry-for-protection      More and more modern people living in big cities under constant pressure are eager to be closer to nature in order to stimulate their spirit and mind. But it is extremely difficult to take away from daily routine and, for example, go for a picnic in the forest. Wooden eco jewelry is the chance not only to feel connected with the world around, but also to improve physical and emotional health. 


      Although wooden jewelry is known as the most ancient form of jewelry, it is still extremely popular due to its powerful natural energy, genuine simplicity and uniqueness. Symbolically, wood has a strong connection with the Earth and nature. Therefore, wearing unique wooden necklace or bracelet carefully handcrafted by Karelian Heritage masters will fill you with joy and calmness.


      All-natural wooden jewelry possesses healthy and nutritious elements contributing to their overall healing effect. Like crystals different tree species have their own sacred energy and metaphysical properties. Their energetic potential may help to deal with stress or mood changes, attract luck and good fortune and even cure some illnesses.


birch-wooden-jewelry-healing-wooden-energy      Birch is a great example. It is known as the symbol of purity and new beginnings. Therefore, natural birch bracelet or necklace may become a lucky charm in business endeavors and studying. It will enhance your spirit and determination and encourage spiritual development. In terms of healing properties, birch is widely used to treat skin-related problems such as acne, inflammation or eczema. This tree relieves pain in case of arthritis and rheumatism. 


tribal-jewelry-handmade-wooden-bracelets-gypsy-style      Wearing trendy wooden jewelry on a daily basis is a great opportunity to experience the power of trees and their curative properties. Why? It is generally accepted that neck, wrists and ears are extremely sensitive parts of our body. Many energy bioactive spots are located in these areas. Neck is a part of the body where thoughts and emotions come together. It is closely connected with cardiovascular and immune system.  Wrist area is associated with the work of digestive and nervous systems, while ears have acupuncture points for the whole body. Thus, wearing wooden necklace, bracelet or earrings will amplify the metaphysical effect the wood has.  


      Wood can be turned into an endless number of shapes and sizes. Different tree species are perfectly compatible to create potent pairings with advanced energetic potential that will contribute to your personal style and support your physical and mental health. Feel free to shop around to find your own favorite items and create unique look with the help of handmade wooden jewelry!

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