Who Helped Your Dog Out?! Shungite Tips for Your Pets

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        Shungite is one of the best tools of comprehensive crystal healing, which may improve your health, your mood and help you achieve your spiritual goals. And it is not only metaphysical properties shungite possesses – there is a handful of very physical ones, which are studied all the time. Shungite’s chemical composition is no secret, so we do know for a fact, that shungite consists of a plethora of healthy elements, such as carbon, calcium, iron, zinc, etc. This combination gives us a lot in terms of health when we treat ourselves with different shungite products. And we can always use it on our close ones to make them feel better, what’s more, we can protect our pets with it, who are very vulnerable to outside threats and dangers of modern world.


        Today, shungite is already being used in agriculture to improve livestock nutrition. Shungite-based supplements and shungite water enhance stock’s growth, health and production of products. Shungite cosmetic products are used to repair animal’s injuries and external damage. So if the farmers are already on the wagon with shungite for animals, why shouldn’t you be? Here is a small list of what you can do for your pet with the help of shungite products:



1. Add shungite water to its ration


        Our pets, just like us, need plenty of drinking water to live a healthy life. And while wild animals get their water from clean springs and other wildland reservoirs, our home pets drink the same water we do, which can be dirty and full of toxic elements. Smaller pets are even more exposed to its negative influence as their bodies are not equipped with enough defense mechanisms as complex human body is. That is why they need pure cleansed water, and shungite can help you with that. Shungite is a natural filter and it successfully cleanses most of toxic and negative elements in drinking water, as well as enriching it with a plethora of positive ones, such as oxygen, calcium, magnesium, etc. We are sure that your pet will quickly become a crystal elixir enthusiast!



2. Put shungite on its collar for EMF protection


        Air and environment, however, might be even more dangerous today than water. With all the modern gadgets around us, like smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs, even microwaves, we are experiencing the influence of electromagnetic fields (or EMF) every minute of our lives. And with the newest 5G mobile networks being launched, the threat of negative influences has doubled with its millimeter waves (MMW). Again, our pets are much more exposed to all of that than we are, so there is even bigger need to protect them. Regretfully, our pets don’t wear any jewelry, but if you have a cat or a dog, it definitely has a collar. What you can do is to hang a shungite collar charm or a keychain there. They are not too large so they will not make your pet uncomfortable. Shungite is used widely to shield oneself or a household from EMF radiation, and an action radius of shungite keychain will be enough to completely protect your pet.



3. Enhance its nutrition with shungite tile


        As we have mentioned above, shungite is used in agriculture to enhance livestock’s nutrition. However, those animals are much larger than our pets and can eat it (cows actually eat stones to help with digestion), and for smaller ones it can be damaging to swallow solid objects. So, how can we achieve the same results for our home pets? Fairly easy, we should say, all you need to do is to place your pet’s bowl on a piece of shungite tile. Its antibacterial ability will make sure that the food is always safe and shungite properties will help it stay fresh for much longer and filled with nutritious elements.


        These are just a few little tips of what you can do with shungite to help your pets. Leave in the comments how you help your favorite pet with crystals or what shungite tips you would like to see in the future. Purchase shungite and make your life better not only for yourself but also for your close ones with the power of the North!

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