Where to Buy Real Shungite: Karelian Heritage Advice

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      Shungite is known all over the world thanks to its unique protective and healing properties. It is widely applied for water purification, EMF protection, chakra balancing, lithotherapy and other forms of physical and spiritual healing. But only authentic shungite stones will let you experience these numerous properties of the “stone of life” and bring positive changes. Therefore, everyone should know where to buy real shungite and how to find reliable shungite supplier. In this article you will find some advice from Karelian Heritage team.



      Nowadays trying to increase their profits many entrepreneurs exploit the popularity of shungite and create different fraudulent schemes. They sell other black materials (for example, shungite schist or shungizite) under the guise of genuine shungite. Obviously, the price of “fake” shungite is much lower for entrepreneurs but it doesn’t meant that it will be cheaper for you as a customer. Besides, fake shungite stones don’t have any positive impact on human body and sometimes can even damage your health.


In other words, quality and authenticity is of paramount importance in case of shungite. Don’t grudge the time while searching for reliable store selling only real shungite and certified shungite items. In this regard our main advice is to buy shungite directly from Russia to avoid repurchasing and cut the risks of buying fake stones.


      Make sure that shungite supplier you’re going to buy from deals with Karelian shungite from Zagozhinsky deposit since only there shungite of the highest quality is mined. Apart from this, it is better to search the Internet thoroughly to find some testimonials and feedbacks of the customers of this shungite producer. You should be sure that this shungite supplier has relevant knowledge and a high level of expertise to be able to assist you and provide all necessary information on shungite, its properties and usage. If the company has good reputation and rich experience, the possibility that it supplies real shungite is much higher.authentic-shungite-stones-from-russia


      Moreover, you can check whether you’ve got genuine shungite stones or not, when you receive the parcel. It is all about electrical conductivity all original shungite stones have. High electrical conductivity of real shungite is caused by high proportion of carbon and iron impurities in composition of this Russian mineral.


      To put it shortly, in order to distinguish authentic shungite from any kind of imitations you just need a battery, a bulb and two wires. Then you need to create electric streamline from the battery to the bulb. One wire should be connected to the battery and the other – to the bulb. Now you should place a shungite stone or any shungite item between them. If shungite is authentic, the bulb lightens. This easy experiment will help you to check the authenticity of shungite.


      But still it is better to take preventive measures and reduce the possibility of a fraud by choosing properly where to buy real shungite. Rely on responsible supplier having direct access to shungite in Russia to experience all its numerous protective and healing properties! 


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