If Your Stomach Could Talk It Would Ask for Shungite Water

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        Shungite water has proved itself to be a perfect supplement for a healthy diet, also being cheap, reusable and easy to use. However, it is not just a means for comprehensive healing and overall good health, it can also target certain problems in our bodies and effectively treat them to the point of complete elimination. And of course the system that benefits from it the most is the one which is in direct contact with shungite water – the digestive system.


        Problems with digestive tract can emerge at any age, since they mostly connected to our diet and our diet can be harmful both when we are little kids without any knowledge on healthy/unhealthy food or when we are adults without time or desire to follow healthy diets. Avoiding digestive tract issues takes a lot of self-discipline and motivation to follow strict regimes of meals and dodging all the temptations of unhealthy yet delicious food. And we praise people who are able to do that. But the rest of us, after all, are only human. So from time to time we have to face the harsh reality of aftermath of large juicy burger or spicy cheesy pizza. Diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, abdominal pains, overeating – these are the symptoms which await us if we forget about healthy diet.


        Shungite, famous for its protective, restorative, antioxidant, anti-inflammation and other effects works to normalize and stabilize your digestion when it’s under duress. Drinking shungite water daily will ease the suffering which comes from consuming of unhealthy food (not just junk food, but also food which seems to be healthy, but has some unseen toxins in it) and help to regenerate some damaged spots in your digestive tracts. In turn, shungite’s protective properties will make sure that any following damage will be reduced substantially. Obviously, it won’t be able to treat dangerous diseases without any proper help, but we have evidence in clients’ feedback who state that long-term consumption of shungite water helped them to get rid of ulcers and even had a positive effect in treating tumors.


        Mentally and spiritually, shungite’s link with the energy of the world might have a positive effect in your attitude towards food and nutrition. The desire to develop yourself, to move towards your goals overcoming any emerging obstacles which comes with shungite effects will motivate you to become a better person not only concerning your intellectual, spiritual and mental plane but also a physical one. This way, you will approach the process of nutrition more responsibly and with clear vision of what you wish to achieve. After all, healthy body, healthy mind.


        Incorporating shungite properties to treat your digestive tract issue couldn’t be any simpler. First of all, you should make your own shungite water. Start with washing your shungite water stones in running water. Then prepare the container in which you would like to make shungite water and place shungite stones at the bottom. You should use 150-200 grams (0,33-0,44 lbs) if you have regular shungite stones and 50-70 grams (0,11-0,15 lbs) if you have elite shungite stones per one liter of water (1,05 quart). Then leave the water with stones for 24-48 hours and it will be ready to use (the longer it is prepared, the more effective it will be; however, don’t overdo it).


        To improve your overall state of digestive system you should drink couple of glasses of shungite water a day. However, you should drink it in limited periods of time so your body would stabilize your pH balance while you are on a break. Preferable timetable of drinking shungite water would be every other two weeks. Meanwhile, if you suddenly have one of the symptoms of indigestion at some moment, don’t worry and drink a glass of shungite water. Everything should get back to normal in 15-20 minutes.


        Remember, that the key always is good healthy diet. However, shungite makes its best effort to be a perfect aid for your body in matters of digestion. Take your time to enjoy exquisite food and magnificent shungite water to truly experience crystal healing abilities. Purchase shungite water stones to make nutrition healthier and more enjoyable!

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