A Few Red Flags: Shungite Water Side Effects and Contraindications

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        We at Karelian Heritage are strong advocates of shungite water and almost all of us left regular tap water behind a long time ago in favor of shungite water, and we always strongly advise people around us and our clients to do the same. And it is clear as day why we do it: shungite water is a unique elixir, which is filled with shungite healing properties and through our personal experience and experience of our clients we can attest that it does help in treating of a number of diseases and improves your health generally. Yet, naturally, sometimes shungite water, like any other treatment, can have contraindications and side effects, and we are asked pretty often about those. Today, we are going to go deep into this territory and tell you all there is to know about shungite water caution.


Too much is not good


        The first thing that you should remember about shungite – it fills water with a large number of positive elements. If you just look at a chart with the chemical composition of a single elite shungite stone, you will see, that it has a huge chunk of the periodic table in it. And all of these elements go straight into your drinking water if you decide to enrich it with a piece of shungite. And that is all marvelous and actually really helpful to the healing process unless you have an overabundance of some element in your organism. In that case, for example, if you have the overabundance of Calcium, consuming shungite water can have harmful results, so you should not do it until your Calcium level is back to normal. Or, for example, if you are already treating yourself with some minerals or supplements that contain the same elements of shungite water, you should quit them before starting shungite water consumption, as it can be too much for your body.


        The same goes for other overstrained phenomena in our bodies. For example, if you decide to use shungite water to improve your cardiovascular system since it actually can help with a number of disorders, yet you have hypertension, you will learn, that shungite water can be too much for your already tense blood pressure. Shungite intense power in cases like this one works against it. You can, of course, try to consume water carefully in a small amount, but if you feel that your ailment is getting worse, you should stop right away.




Tough sensations


        Another group of people who should take into consideration the intense power of shungite water is overly sensitive people, and by that, we mostly mean mentally and emotionally. Exhibit one: people with light sleep. We are not saying that it is something bad, everyone has their own features, and even sleep patterns vastly differ from person to person. And those of us who have very sensitive sleep can experience sleep-related disorders after consumption of shungite water, such as insomnia and nightmare. So if you start to experience things like that, you should also stop the consumption of shungite water and consult your doctor.


        Exhibit two: people who are extremely emotionally sensitive, for example, people with melancholia, severe depression, and wild mood swings. Shungite is a powerful calming and soothing stone, but in extreme cases, when negative mental and emotional state is caused by actual mental disorders, again, the intense nature of shungite stone can only exacerbate the person’s mental state. If that is the case for you, you should approach shungite water consumption after consultation with a doctor.




Not Infinite Power


        From a more metaphysical standpoint, you should remember, that if you use shungite stones for water for too long without cleansing them, it can have negative effects on your health. You see, while shungite stones cleanse your water, they also absorb a lot of negative elements, influences and unwanted energy, which then piles up inside the stone and can backfire if left unchecked, unleashing onto you. That is why we advise to either change or cleanse and recharge your shungite stones for water approximately once a month. There are a lot of ways how you can actually do that, but most of them come from the celestial energy of the sun, lunar energy of the Moon and the energy of four elements of life – earth, air, fire and water. You can also do the following: use acidic water by mixing one liter of warm water with some acid, for example, lemon acid in a proportion of a one spoon of acid for a liter of water to clean the stones. Put the stones in this mixture and keep it like this for several hours or more. It helps to get rid of different premises and dirt on the surface of the stones. With time if you think it doesn’t help anymore then it is better to change the stones.




Balance the hell out of it


        As you may have already heard, shungite has the ability to manipulate water’s pH level, and yes, while it is indeed true, some people consider it to be a major setback and that is becoming an obstacle for them to enjoy shungite water. Yet we don’t see it that way, shungite water is actually a great tool for tuning your internal pH level. You see, depending on the time that you spend filtering your water with shungite stones, you will have either acidic water with 5,5 pH level (at the first stage of filtration) or alkaline water with 7,5 pH level (after a longer time of filtration). Each of them has its own benefits, like acidic water is able to treat skin-related disorders, headaches and diseases of respiratory system while alkaline water is much more helpful in strengthening of the immune system and improving your metabolism and so on. But in general, you should keep in mind that your own organism should be in balance with its levels of acidity and alkalinity. And with shungite water, you will be able to balance the scales whenever you want.




It’s fine, really


        However, all in all, shungite water is completely safe if you personally don’t have any contraindications. It’s not radioactive, it doesn’t contain rust and it doesn’t cause any ailments. It is totally safe for drinking if you don’t overdo it since you can simply take too many positive elements from it and your health will start to depend on it to be on a normal lever. And we prefer our bodies to be well balanced and able to fight for themselves when the need arises, that is why we usually take a week-long break after every two weeks of regular shungite water consumption. That is why your body doesn’t develop a tolerance for shungite water and it always has powerful effects on your health.


        And these effects are truly magnificent. After just one day of drinking shungite water, you will feel a massive mood and energy boost. After a week, your digestive system will feel much better. In a month you will start to notice that your skin looks much healthier and younger than before and in a couple of months, you will practically ensure that you have a perfect supplement to fight all health problems. At least that’s what happened to us, and we are happy that we have shungite water in our lives every day since.


        So we hope that this article will help you to make the decision whether you need shungite water in your life. We would of course be glad if you would’ve decided that you do right away, but your health and your life are the most important in any healing process, that is why it is much better to be upfront about any side effects and contraindications shungite water might have. Yet if everything is alright then we are happy to welcome you in the magical world of shungite healing and protection. Purchase shungite for water and enjoy only the best of Karelian nature!



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