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      During past few years our blog has become massive, thorough and super informative and we are happy to give you more and more knowledge about shungite and crystal healing. Our specialists work daily to unravel new information about shungite and quickly bring it to our clients. Here are the best articles which you can find in our blog.

  1. Easy Steps to Check the Authenticity of Shungite



      Shungite has been known to be a miraculous black rock from Russia for several decades now, but it mostly thanks to the last several years that it has truly become a prominent player in crystal healing and jewelry. And popular rocks always come with a nasty side-effect: dishonorable sellers try to fill the market with fake stones and crystals to capitalize on the popularity of the real thing. This article will help you to distinguish authentic shungite stones from fakes, whether simply by look and feel or through more sophisticated tests. If you have bought a shungite piece but have doubts about its authenticity, take a look and determine the truth!

  1.  Shungite Water: Purification, Detoxification and Healing



      We live in a day and age when danger lurks around every corner. This way, even the most common thing in our life as water bears threat in a long run. After centuries of industrial output into our water, it has become contaminated, in some areas, of course, more that in others, but still, consuming water today may bear serious consequences on your health in the future. Shungite, however, possess numerous properties which may improve the state of your drinking water, filtering it from toxins and negative elements, and in turn enriching water with positive elements which can provide for healing, protection and detoxification. Read on to learn how to make shungite water and what benefits it brings!

  1. Alternative Medicine: Crystal Healing with Shungite



      Crystal healing is now a very popular and trendy branch of alternative medicine. Thousands of people advocate the use of crystals in healing, providing evidence of their effectiveness and successful practices. Amount of different techniques in crystal healing is huge from countless human cultures of the world, and the range of crystals and minerals which can be used in it is also incredible. Of course, shungite is one of them as it possesses vast protective and healing abilities. In the article we further explore the ways shungite can be used in crystal healing and what benefits it brings, so read on to learn more!

  1. Electromagnetic Radiation and Geopathic Stress: How to Shield Yourself with Shungite



      In an age of modern technologies, it is sometimes easy to forget (or outright have no idea) about the damage this new world brings us. With the countless benefits of today’s technological advances there also come its setback, especially when we talk about gadgets which surround us 24-7: smartphones, laptops, tablets and home appliances like microwaves, TVs and so on. All of these devices have one thing in common: they all emit electromagnetic radiations which forms electromagnetic fields (or EMF). EMF is harmful for your health and, even though it has no tangible effect here and now, it can have devastating effects in the future. Read on to find out more about symptoms of EMF harm, how it is connected to geopathic stress and how to protect yourself from these problems with shungite!

  1.   Shungite Powder: Something for Everyone



      We all have to start somewhere on our journey and shungite powder can become the perfect product to start enjoying shungite. It is actually perfect for that reason, since it is cheap, easy to use and has plenty of ways how you can use it. From shungite powder you can create shungite paste and there are many paths you can go with a paste, and with unique shungite healing and protective abilities, this paste can do wonders. It can be used in home decoration and protection, cosmetic products and beauty routine, water purification, agriculture and many more. If you wish to learn the details about implementation of shungite powder, definitely check out this article.

  1.  Clearing up the Mystery of Shungite



     We love to brag about all the glorious properties of shungite, like water cleansing, EMF protection, crystal healing, chakra balancing, grounding and so on. But after hearing all about that, you may be wondering: why? Why is shungite so unique in its properties and what does it have what other rocks and minerals lack. In this article we delve deep in what makes shungite tick. You will learn about fullerenes and what makes them a unique structure, you will see the chemical composition of a shungite rock and get to know various shungite physical characteristics from its bipolarity and fragility to its thermal and electric conductivity. Read on to learn the secrets of shungite!

  1.  Five Easy Ways to Balance Muladhara (Root) Chakra



      It is no secret that we love using shungite for meditations and spiritual practices. Shungite is an effective tool for stimulating the Root Chakra, so it has always been our main focus in Chakra system for its unique ability to activate all other Chakras. So if you are into stimulating Chakras and the Root Chakra specifically, definitely check this article out. You will find ways to open and activate your Root Chaka both with and without the help of shunigte, why it is needed to stimulate your Root Chakra and what are end benefits of it.

  1. Natural Shungite Healing Jewelry: Make It a Point



      Shungite can be not only a natural source of healing and protection but also a stylish addition to your personal look. We create handmade shungite jewelry of different types, shapes and sizes. Its deep magnetic black color, coupled with the unique properties of shungite is perfect for daily wearing and its light weigh makes it comfortable and unnoticeable. Shungite bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings will carefully protect most of the important areas and energy hubs of your body while being a perfect fit for any outfit. Read on to learn more about health benefits of shungite jewelry and its vast variety.

  1. How to Use Shungite Harmonizers



      Shungite products often are truly unique with now analogies in our own roster and shungite harmonizers are one of such products. Created for healing and spiritual purposes they are often used in meditations. Technically, only one of them is made of shungite, while second is made of soapstone but they work best when they are together as they represent the duality of nature (just like yin and yang or the nature of feminine and masculine). Read on to learn how to use shungite harmonizers in day-to-day life!

  1. Cleanse Crystals with Shungite



      When you work with crystals, it can really have a strain on them. Crystals may lose their properties or absorb too much negative energy while protecting you. To ensure that they are up to work again, you should regularly cleanse and charge your crystals. There are many ways to do it and all of them are easy to do and don’t require much of an effort. Recharging or cleansing crystals mostly requires forces of nature, such as water, soil, sunlight and moonlight and other crystals, which are capable of, for example, shungite. Read on to find out effective ways of cleansing and recharging crystals!

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