The Story of the Most Unique, Yet Unknown Type of Shungite – Petrovsky Shungite

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        Petrovsky shungite is one of three types of shungite, however it is not as well-known as regular shungite stones or elite shungite. Why is that? Well, obviously the former is most widespread and cheap, thus popular and the latter is rare and unique, thus it is in more demand. Hence, Petrovsky shungite found itself in a tricky situation, being between two giants of shungite spectrum. Which is pretty shocking, as Petrovsky shungite might actually be objectively the best of the bunch. Today we are taking closer look at this mysterious type of shungite which even we sometimes forget about.


        As mentioned above, Petrovsky shungite is between regular shungite and elite shungite when it comes to amount of carbon in the composition – it has from 50 to 75 percent of carbon in it. We also call it Type II shungite. What distinguishes it from other shungite is its deep black color, much darker than regular shungite. Naturally, sometimes it is hard to tell them apart with a naked eye, however, an expert will be able to do it in no time.


History lesson


        What also makes Petrovsky shungite a unique specimen among shungite family is that it was the first shungite type that found wide use and the only one that has some sort of story behind its name. You see, the region of Karelia, the home of shungite, got a huge boost in development during the Great Northern War between Russia and Sweden. As Karelia was close to Swedish border and had great deposits of ore, it was decided to build a cannon factory in the region, thus the city of Petrozavodsk (Petrovskaya Sloboda at the time), now the capital of Karelia and our hometown, was found. Tsar Peter the Great, founder of the city, held a great interest in Karelia’s riches and natural phenomena. From his decree, the first Russian spa was built around mineral water springs in Martsialniye Vody to the North of Petrozavodsk. Yet the greatest discovery in the heart of Russian North was, of course, our magnificent shungite, which was also used in the aforementioned spa.


        The war was bloody and heavy on both sides. Despite its name, it was fought far beyond the North, expanding into modern Poland, Ukraine, Belorussia and Black Sea coast. Attrition became a terrible problem for both sides, with dysentery being the top second reason for death in opposing armies. Surprisingly, near the middle of the war, the Russian army became much stronger than at the beginning and showed much less signs of attrition which led it to many grand victories, like for example at Poltava in 1709.


        The legend says that Swedes were very surprised when they started to find strange black rock on the bodies of Russian soldiers and in camps near field kitchens. It turned out that Peter the Great decreed to use shungite to purify water at camps and in personal flasks because even at the beginning of 18th century Russian elite already knew about some properties of shungite. Shungite effectiveness helped to prevent dangerous diseases in dirt ridden camps and boosted both health and morale. Thus, the type of shungite which was used during the war was called after the person, who decided to bring in to the army – Tsar himself, Peter the Great, and the name Petrovsky (“of Peter” in Russian language) shungite was born.


The middle man


        Ok, so let’s stop reminiscing about the good old days and think about what makes Petrovsky shungite so valuable and unique today. Well, it all comes to a very simple fact – it takes the best of regular and elite shungite and combines it in the most accessible form. Just think for a second, what would be one more thing you wish elite shungite could do. We think it definitely would be great if with all of its magnificent powerful properties it could be shaped in something else except of raw nugget and smaller raw nugget, since it very fragile. In turn, regular shungite can be shaped in almost anything, and the large variety of our shungite products is achieved almost exclusively thanks to regular shungite, but it is not as effective in crystal healing and protection as elite shungite is.


        Well, Petrovsky shungite is that missing link. It is flexible enough to be shaped into a variety of forms, such as pyramids, different beads, spheres, unique pendants, etc., and its high amount of carbon still allows it to be a very effective tool of protection, healing and cleansing. You can find bracelets, necklaces and pendants for personal protection to ensure that you are shielded from harmful influences and are tuned for great endeavors in life.


        So capture the unique wisdom of history and natural power of the North together with Petrovsky shungite. Purchase Petrovsky shungite and get truly the best of Karelian nature. And believe us, the competition here is really strong!

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