The Secret Life of Your Plants: Refresh It with Crystals!

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        For some people, crystals are just shiny eye candies, but as we, crystal lovers, know, they are much more than that. With everyday use, they keep us pumped with energy, strengthen our health and stimulate our chakras. Apart from influencing us directly, they can also create a unique environment in our households if kept there. This way they can have a great impact on your daily routine, your close people and your pets. However, can crystals have an effect on more inconspicuous inhabitants of our houses and apartments, our plant life. The answer is “of course!” as crystals have the ability to improve on every living thing in the known universe. Today we are going to look on the ways you can enhance living fconditions of your home plants with precious crystals.


  1. Keep them nearby


        As all of crystals possess a number of healing, protective, energizing, etc. properties you can use them to grant these properties to your plants. The simplest thing you can do here is to put your crystals in the plant pot and it will nourish your plant 24-7. If your crystals are quite large and cannot be placed inside the pot with comfort for the plant, you can place them nearby. A lot of crystal have wide range of influence, so their properties will work just as effectively within a short distance.


        This approach bring not only improvement for your plants. Crystals will give a nice beautiful touch to the appearance of your plants, a lot of them have a perfect color for pots or environments around them. Crystals can also be efficient for such an important function as water drainage. To implement this, you should put smaller stones inside the soil in somewhat organized fashion. This will combine powerful properties of crystals with effective nourishment of plants to achieve the best results for your plant life.


  1. Make crystal water


        Nourishment of plants is one of the most important task in your care for them. A lot of plants enthusiast actually enjoy this calming moments very much in their daily routine. So, is there any way in which crystals can improve on that? A lot of crystals can enrich water with their properties, for example, energize it, filter it from negative elements and influences, fill it with nutritious materials that your plants need so much. Usually it works this way: Take a liter of water (1,05 quart), put approximately 50 grams (1,76 oz.) of crystals in it and leave it for 24-48 hours. During this time, crystals will work their magic on the water and in the end you will have cleansed, energizing and healing water for your plants.


        With this water, you can feed your plants effectively in any way you see fit: with a regular water bottle or moisturize and clean the leaves with bottle spray. Don’t forget that different crystals bring different properties to the table, so you better examine their properties first to decide what kind of result you wish to have for your plants.


  1. Create a terrarium


        If you have enjoyed our first point yet wish to go one step beyond, we have an excellent tip for you. With crystals, especially larger ones like crystal points or clusters, you can create something like mini-gardens or terrariums. Let your imagination play here and make a unique one-of-a-kind decorative piece for your household. There can be millions of options available to you: you can make a small garden in aquarium combining magnificent plants, grass, soil and crystals; you can grow some plants (especially ones that don’t require a lot of nutrition, for example cacti) on larger crystal clusters; or combine plants and large crystals with high density in bowls and large pots. The results can be truly astounding, basically you can create whole new environments in your garden from American deserts to Amazonian jungles and European forests. With these creative arrangements you can always feel like you are world away from your hometown right at your home.


  1. Don’t forget the larger plants


        If you fancy trees more than any other plants and would rather have a palm tree at your disposal than a small flower, well, crystals would be lost in its large pot. The obvious solution for that are classy pendants with crystals that you can hang on your tree. There are, of course, readymade pendants that you can buy online, but we would recommend more personal approach with DIY crystal pendants. There are hundreds of techniques you can use in this endeavor, from macramé to leather braiding and dreamcatchers with crystals. The only limit here, again, is your imagination, so attune yourself to the crystals vibes and decide what kind of charm you wish to see on your tree.


  1. Put a plant in a crystal. Literally


        Since some crystals can be called rocks or minerals, they of course can be shaped or manufactured into something unique. So these days you can find plant pots, made entirely from your favorite or mineral. This enables your plant to be immersed in the energy of the crystal and receive the best of its properties. For example, shungite plant pot will keep the elements in the soil in balance, protect your plant from negative influences in the environment, such as EMF, and provide its healing abilities for the plant. Look for effects that you want to give to your plant from crystals and you will comprehensively improve the future of your favorite plant life.


  1. Fertilize your plant


        Another thing that you can get from crystals in their unnatural state is crystal powder. It may be the residue from crystal production or it may be made specifically for this aim. Either way, it is yet another means to provide your plant with nutritious elements. However, it may be even more effective, since it mainly goal is to feed the soil that gives your plants their life. Some of crystals are even used as a fertilizer in agriculture, for example shungite. It has proved to give the plant life more fertility and healthier fruits. And of course there are much more different effects crystal powder possesses depending on the crystal.


        As you see, crystals can improve the life of your plant life in many simple ways. Crystals will keep your plants healthy and fit so that you can enjoy your gardening for years to come. Purchase marvelous crystals to reinvigorate the life of your plants!

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