The Most Popular Trends in Alternative Medicine in 2019!

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        Being shungite lovers and enthusiasts, we hold a great amount of respects towards shungite healing and crystal healing in general. However, there are a lot of sceptics who argue with us about the effectiveness of such a practice. In our defense, apart from countless evidence provided to us by our clients, we have a wisdom of generations of men and cultures of the world to back it up. Moreover, crystal healing isn’t the only sphere of alternative medicine we enjoy. Today we are going to talk about alternative medicine trends which you can also easily enjoy every day!


It’s on the rise


        You can see alternative medicine everywhere today. With ever increasing globalization in the 21th century we are able to learn everything about spiritual practices of the Far East, Africa and the North, a lot of which were impossible to access some 50 years ago. This presents us with a plethora of new opportunities in alternative medicine which were never seen before in Western society. And it is very important, that people desire more and more to learn about it and to be treated with it. Just look at the figures: according to the Industry report on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Market Size, Share & Trends done by Grand view research, alternative medicine industry is growing very fast and nowadays it is estimated to have USD 59.76 billion market size. People usually connect the growth of the industry with political events, such as “ping-pong diplomacy” between the US and China in the 1970th, but we believe that there is just so much communication in the world today that it was bound to happen. Just think about it: probably, your local culture and community also have some sort of spiritual practices and alternative medicine trends which helped locals for centuries. Of course people from all around the world would like to know how to get healthier based on the millennia of experience. Thus, people simply exchange their knowledge with each other and alternative medicine spread all around the world.


What to do if you want to be healthy


        Alternative medicine is, of course, a broad term, so we should briefly explain what are some of the most popular forms of it.


  • The biggest trend in alternative medicine today is the use of botanicals. This includes such practices as Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Homeopathy is based on the concept that you can heal a disease with a natural component which triggers the same symptoms as the disease, Ayurveda is based on the Indian medicine traditions and Naturopathy on various traditions about herbal healing. Of course they are all different and exceed the sphere of just botanical healing. Homeopathy includes component of any natural origin, while Ayurveda includes large philosophical system of beliefs, surgical practices and steady diet. Botanicals are very accessible as you can order a lot of courses online, just be careful in what you choose.


  • The second place is occupied by various meditations and yoga exercises. Today you probably find a yoga place in any neighborhood and daily meditations are becoming more and more popular. And it isn’t any wonder – yoga influences you spiritually, mentally and physically. It is a great way to boost your health and attract positive energy flows. You can simply do it at home – for example, couple it with crystal healing, but make sure you learn the basics first with an experienced instructor.


  • If the previous entry is closely connected to the Indian culture, the next one is a product of the traditions of China: acupuncture. It is closely related to the concept of chi as a life force energy and that it flows through meridians in our bodies which should be treated with needles. Today you can find acupuncture practitioners all around the world who combine physical therapy with spiritual teachings, which includes such staples of Chinese philosophy as yin and yang and chi.


  • Another important trend of modern alternative medicine is magnetic therapy. Thanks to the modern technology, today people have learned how to influence on electric and magnetic fields of single person. Practitioners claim that it positively influences your cardiovascular system and in the end has a great impact on your overall health.


  • Of course, we shouldn’t forget about our favorite crystal healing. Different crystals, such as shungite, quartz, jade, agate, jasper, fruorite, etc., have a bunch of healing and spiritual properties which greatly influence our lives. For example, shungite is able to protect you from electro-magnetic fields (EMF), has great restorative and regenerative abilities and is able to stimulate the Root chakra. Just as with botanicals, crystal healing is very accessible with Internet connection and you can order countless powerful crystals right now!


        So here you have it, a quick guide on the most popular alternative medicine trends today. Delve into the limitless wisdom of generations together with natural medicine!

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