The Full Moon Shungite Bath Ritual: Make It Right

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      The full moon period is a time of a complete renewal and a chance for all of us to start from scratch. It is the best period for turning the page and leaving your past behind. It is also a perfect time to tap into the energy of the moon, given how bright is it when it is full. Moreover, the full moon is the greatest source of feminine energy, which is necessary if you wish to hone your soft skills and emotional health. That is why it is important to take your opportunity to fulfill important crystal rituals during this time to tune into the positive vibes of the full moon.the-full-moon-shungite-bath-ritual-make-it-right


      As it is a time of transformation and renewal, we offer you to cleanse your energy and your physical, mental and spiritual bodies with a simple full moon crystal bath ritual using shungite. Shungite is well-known for its cleansing and purification, that is why it is a perfect choice for a crystal bath. It will balance out your energy flows and give you a chance to ground yourself bringing you clear mind and awareness. Besides, shungite water is a great tool for physical healing, so the bath will serve more than one purpose.


      Making shungite bath is very simple. You should fill your bath and put 400-500 grams of regular shungite stones or 100-200 grams of elite shungite stones in your bath and leave them there for at least 15-25 minutes. During this time shungite energize, purify and detoxify your water. After that, take the stones out and feel free to get into your fresh shungite bath.  A little side note: make sure to wash your shungite stones before you put them in the water, as natural shungite stones tend to leave black residue.


      After you get into your shungite bath you can consider it to be just like another meditation. You need to completely relax (and shungite water will help you to do that) and think about the changes you wish to make in your life. Remember, full moon promotes transformation, so anything goes here. You need to define your intentions for the future and focus on which parts of your life you wish to change. Meditate on your intentions for 15-20 minutes and it will surely aid in their manifestation. You may add an effective affirmation to the mix to help you with your shungite healing, for example: “I have the power to create change”.


      You can also combine this full moon crystal bath ritual with other wellness practices to increase its effectiveness:

  • You can light candles around you. You should really choose candles for a more relaxed atmosphere, for example lavender or eucalyptus candles. However, make sure that the place where you put your candles is fire safe. The best way to achieve that is to put the candle in shungite candleholder, which has a large base and is very stable.
  • Another way to improve your shungite bath meditation is by adding some incense. Sage and Sandalwood are best choices for a calm and smooth rituals, so we advise you to stick to them.
  • To bring natural healing to the mix you can pour yourself a cup of hot fireweed herbal tea. This herb from the heart of the North has a plethora of medicinal qualities as well as the ability to calm your mind, which is needed for the ritual.
  • Essential oils can help you to improve on the outcomes of the ritual. Again, you can use the oils of Sandalwood, Clary Sage or Frankincense – these are the ones that can bring you more tranquility and stress release.
  • Try combining crystal bath ritual with sound healing. This can be achieved with your favorite music that you feel is suitable for relaxation. If you can’t pick the necessary music, you can always find helpful playlists online.

      With these simple steps, you can get closer to manifestation of your intentions and desires. Try different combinations to single out the ritual that suits your personal needs the best. Purchase shungite stones and get only the best crystal healing and spiritual development!

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