The Fire that Doesn’t Burn: Does Shungite Store Negative Energy and What to Do With It?

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        Crystals that care about you should also be cared after. That is just a fact. That goes for anything we adore: we clean our house, support our car, etc. Crystal cleansing and charging is very important if you wish to continue to enjoy marvelous crystal properties and use their energy. And there are no exceptions: every crystal in the world should be cleansed and charged. Yet somehow, there is a misconception that there is no need to do it when it comes to our favorite, shungite. Today we are going to look at it closely and once and for all answer this question: Should you cleanse and charge shungite stone or not?


The cold hard truth




        Of course you should. Just like with any other crystal, stone or mineral, while shungite helps you with its healing and protection, it is vulnerable to the negativity around it. First of all, shungite takes negative energy from you (if there is one). Even though shungite is often called a filtering stone, it cannot transform everything into positive energy and some negative energy does end up within the stone. Other massive source of negative influence is of course your environment. The radioactive waves in the air, mostly, of course the electromagnetic fields (or EMF) and the newest kind – 5g radiation, they all have harmful effect on your health and it is up to shungite to shield you from those influences. It doing so, shungite itself becomes contaminated and requires purification. Shungite water stones get contaminated by the toxins and harmful elements in water. If left unchecked, use of shungite can become just as harmful as being exposed to toxins and negative influences directly.


Why does it happen?



        Shungite basically acts as a sponge in its crystal cleaning and protection processes. Thanks to its unique atomic structure, called “fullerenes”, shungite is able to absorb the vast amount of negative elements. Thanks to fullerenes shungite can purify and decontaminate your drinking water just as it can shield you from the EMF. In turn, thanks to its rich chemical composition, shungite enriches water with nutritious elements and provides you with crystal healing properties. But as we mentioned above, in doing so, negative energy and harmful elements get trapped inside shungite, which can be harmful for its user.


The course of action




        However, don’t panic, it isn’t as scary as it sounds, since there is a simple remedy to get shungite back in form – crystal cleansing and charging. All you need to do is to implement it on your shungite piece every two weeks. To do it, you can leave it for a day under direct sunlight (or for a night under moonlight), use the smoke from sage and incense or fire from a candle, wash it under pure water or dig it in a natural soil for a couple of hours, recharge it with the power crystals (such as selenite, amethyst or quartz). Simple, right?


        And actually, the last method can be turned the other way around. As we stated, shungite absorbs and stores negative energy and elements, you can use completely purified and recharged shungite stone to cleanse and recharge other crystals, energy of which was depleted because of constant use.


        So there you have it, a long awaited answer and conformation. Yes, shungite stores negative energy inside and no, you shouldn’t worry about it. Just follow the simple steps of shungite crystal cleansing and recharging to get it right. Purchase shungite stones and use it for years with crystal cleansing!

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