The Beauty and Healing in Simplicity: Tumbled Shungite Stones

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       Shungite always has the capacity to surprise us with the diversity of its products and various healing and protective properties they bring to the table. From large pyramids for comprehensive protection of your household to small shungite jewelry pieces that provide you with complex every day healing, shungite tries its best to make you feel fresh, healthy and happy. Yet sometimes you don’t have to go too deep and simple shungite items can be just as effective as everything else. Tumbled shungite stones are just that kind of items.


What are those?


       Tumbled stones, or polished stones, are basically the regular shungite stones that were produced through the rock tumbler machine. The machine gets rid of rough edges on a stone and makes it completely smooth and shiny. Because of tumbling, the stone can change dramatically, and shungite gets this very deep black color and magnifying look. Since the stone becomes very smooth, it is very comfortable to hold in your hands without even noticing it. To produce a tumbled stone, you don’t need much so it is also not very expensive, close to regular shungite stones, and the process also doesn’t deplete shungite’s abilities a single bit, so you can enjoy everything it has to offer.


Ways to use it


       With its properties alive, well and present we can always use tumbled shungite stones for the usual shungite purposes. You can simply put a tumbled stone in your pocket and it will successfully grant you its healing capabilities all day long, as well as protect you from negative influences around you with its action radius. You can also place it at your home, especially at your bedhead, to secure calm and steady sleep. If the shape of the stone allows it, you can even put it under the pillow. At work, it always helps to keep tumbled shungite at your desktop to prevent stress, work-connected anxiety, and fatigue.


       Shungite tumbled stones can be a means for relaxing stone massage, both hot and cold. Tumbled stones offer something that large massage stones cannot – the variety of shapes. You can always pick a stone which will perfectly suit your needs – either narrow stones for a smaller area or wide ones for large plain areas, for example, your back. Tumbled stones will feel great and comfortable both for a person who is making a massage and for a person who is receiving it.


       Another area in which tumbled stones are effective and can be used extensively is shungite water cleansing. For some, it is much more convenient to use tumbled stones, since they are larger than shungite chips, powder and small elite stones, so you can easily put it in water and then just as easily take them out, without sifting them. If you have large enough stones, you will only need a couple of them to successfully cleanse a liter of water and will be just as effective as using regular shungite. And with its beautiful appearance, tumbled shungite stones will look very natural on the bottom of the glass reservoir, without attracting attention.


What else?


       Aside from using its numerous properties, you can always exploit the beauty of shungite for creative and decorative purposes. As mentioned above, these magnetic black stones look very naturally in a glass reservoir, so it will be perfect addition to your florarium, aquarium, terrarium or any simple glass vase with an array of different stones, crystals and minerals. And don’t forget, that it is not only decorating your house yet also protects it from a large number of negative elements and influences.


       If you are an eager fan of handcrafting, tumbled shungite can become your go-to material. There are so much that can be done with it – stone murals, painting, pieces of jewelry and home decorations. You can always create something unique and personal from shungite and tumbled stones are one way to do it.


       Sometimes the effectiveness and magic of things lie in their simplicity and tumbled shungite stones are definite proof of that. Use it for healing, protection, and beauty and it will never fail to deliver its best for you. Purchase tumbled shungite to bring the wisdom of the North into your life!

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