Stay Young and Fresh with Shungite: Karelian Heritage Cosmetic Beauty Routine!

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      If you want to make your skin beautiful and your body healthy with the help of a large variety of shungite products, you should understand that it isn’t enough to just have one cream and use it. Of course, it will be a nice addition to your health and beauty routine, yet the best effects from shungite cosmetic products can be achieved only with systematic and well-though-out daily beauty routine. Obviously it sounds not like the easiest task in the world, but, come on, it’s not nuclear physics. It does, however, require a large amount of discipline and awareness, yet shungite definitively is able to help you with keeping everything in check. Today we are going to present an example of this kind of healthy beauty routine with shungite cosmetics that we would advise to follow to achieve only the best with the famous shungite properties.


      We have decided to divide the procedures you need to take into morning and evening cosmetics routine and each step in it can be achieved with a certain shungite cosmetic product.

Morning – get ready for a new day

  1. Cleansing. As you wake up in the morning, the first thing you have to do is to get rid of a few after sleep shortcomings. Usually, skin can be really oily when you wake up and it can accumulate a certain amount of dirt (especially if you don’t change your sheets every minute). That stuff has to go and so you need a nice skin cleaning product to do it. The best one is shungite washing gel, which provides great hydration to your skin without any redness (which usually causes troubles when you apply your make-up) along with very effective cleansing and it is very easy to use. Its healing properties includes fighting acne and comedo, along with other common skin disorders.
  2. Toning. Toning is meant to hydrate your skin and balance its pH level, as well as help get rid of the dead skin cells of the surface of your skin. That is why shungite-based cosmetics is perfect for toning, as shungite is known for its ability to influence pH level and it is one of the reasons why people appreciate shungite water so much. That is why we advise to use shungite facial tonic, which will make sure to deliver antioxidants, positive elements contained in shungite and vitamins from berries and herbs of the Northern nature deep into your skin and it will be a nice and smooth transition for you to apply make-up. Make sure that you use tonic with your fingers and not with cotton pad, as anything other your own skin might irritate the skin on your face.
  3. Moisturizing. And still, you need to further soften your skin in the morning so that it looks fresh and healthy in the upcoming day. That is where shungite moisturizing facial and body spray comes into play. Shungite water is famous for its soothing and calming properties (along with many more) and it will work perfectly for this goal. It will hydrate your skin enough that will prevent it from becoming dry at any point of a day and protect it from any harmful effects of your environment.

Evening – give your skin some rest

  1. Cleansing. In a lot of ways, the process that you need to undergo in the evening perfectly reflects what you do in the morning, only goals differ. If in the morning you clean your face after sleep, in the evening you need to take your make-up off, make sure that there is no dirt and dust on your face after you were out all day. That is where shungite washing gel comes into play again, making sure that your face is in its cleanest state and is smoothed and calmed from any harm. Shungite water, which is the base of all shungite cosmetics, also possesses a rejuvenating ability, which slows down aging process and helps to smooth out any skin irregularities you may have.
  2. Peeling. This step is definitely not for every day, since if you use scrubs too often it may in fact bring harm to your skin, so we advise you do it only twice a week or even once if you feel that your skin is too sensitive for scrubs. Yet it is a very important step of your beauty routine, because it helps you to get rid of dead skin cells and rejuvenate your face’s surface, as well as unclog the pores on your skin, which promotes quicker restoration. For peeling you can use effective shungite facial scrub, which also gives your skin healing effects of our favorite stone and is able to treat skin disorders and minor tissue damages.
  3. Toning. This step is essential after peeling, as it helps to calm your skin and balance out powerful work of the scrub. Yet even without peeling, it is necessary to counter the aftereffects of wearing your mascara all day long and prepare your skin to sleep. That’s where shungite facial tonic can come in handy again.
  4. Moisturizing. The final step in your daily routine should be preparing your skin to the nighttime. It all comes full circle here: if in the morning you are getting rid of the aftereffects of you sleep, in the evening you need to make sure that there will be as little excess oil and dirt on your skin while you are sleeping. That is why you need to hydrate your skin even more effectively and that is why you need to use shungite night cream, which will nourish and deeply moisturize your skin during the night. Shungite’s properties actively help to slow down aging processes, improve your skin tone and texture and protect your skin from harm while you are at your most vulnerable.


      So here is our recipe for successful healthy beauty routine for your face with shungite cosmetics. And small tip for those who have problems with dry skin on hands: shungite cosmetic products come in comfortable small tubes and bottles, so you can easily carry a shungite hand cream in your purse everywhere you go. So don’t forget to stay hydrated and fresh both externally and internally, and shungite water will gladly help you with that. Purchase shungite cosmetics and enjoy only the best properties from the nature of the North!



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