Things You Need to Know Before You Start Working with Shungite

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      If you are a newcomer to the magical world of shungite healing and are planning to make your first purchase, it is ok to have doubts. In our modern day and age there is a large amount of controversial information in the Internet that may stray you away from shungite, and that is ok too. The Internet is just that kind of place and a lot of things you will find there are not exactly true. But here at Karelian Heritage we can hold somewhat of an expert opinion, since we have worked with shungite for quite a time now and studied it even longer. So our expertise in the field will help us to clear some misconceptions about shungite or just explain some peculiarities about this magnificent stone so you could enjoy its properties without any fear or doubt about its authenticity.


      First of all, you should know that any genuine shungite stone may leave traces after you touch it on your hands, or if it has touched your clothes, shungite can leave stains on it. It is completely normal and shows the authenticity of the stone. This comes from a high consistency of carbon in shungite and even polished items still can have some residue and leave traces. What you can do to make traces minimal is to wash your shungite item under warm water and you can do this regularly if the black traces and stains are a problem for you. 


      Another thing that often raises questions about the stone’s quality from our clients is the rusty spots that can be found on elite shungite nuggets. Again, this is nothing to worry about, as it is the result of natural processes of corrosion. Even the best crystal, being thousands of years old, are subjected to crystal and chemical corrosion and sings of it still remain after they are excavated and produced. It doesn’t mean that the particular nugget is bad or damaged; on the contrary it confirms the natural origin of the stone. If these rusted spots make you uncomfortable you can simply get rid of them yourself, just clean it with a needle or a small brush (e.g. toothbrush) and wash it afterwards. Usually, we attach individual photos to each unique stone we sell, so you can see in which state they are before you buy it. Natural corrosion can also occur after continuous water purification with the stone, but it can be rid of just as easily. Another important thing to remember about elite shungite stones is that they are fragile. Some of them already have natural cracks so you should handle them with care.  


      Sometimes you can confuse with cracks and imperfections the infusions of other minerals in shungite items. They can appear in any shungite type and be present in tumbled stones, spheres, pyramids, jewelry pieces, etc. This phenomenon occurs also because of the old age of shungite deposits. Through the millennia when shungite deposits were being formed they were slightly fusing with other minerals that were lying around in the Earth nearby. These infusions don’t affect the integrity or solidity of the item neither them affect its properties. Quite the contrary, the physical and metaphysical properties of these minerals add up to the properties of shungite, enhancing the crystal healing and spiritual growth. The most common infusions come from quartz and pyrite, but there can be other minerals and each of them brings something new to the table.


      Of course, these are the most common questions or misconceptions about shungite that we get from our clients, but they are not the only one. We always look to unveil all the secrets or misunderstandings about our favorite shungite and shungite items. So, if you have other questions, feel free to write them in the comment section below and we will answer them in future articles. We would love for you to become experts on shungite just as we are and we will try our best to make this come true!

4 Comment(s)

Kim McNamara:
21/02/2019, 02:23:43 PM

I purchased your elite shungite for water purification.. how long can these stones be used for ? Will they always be good or need to be replaced or cleaned and how often? Thank you! Love the your shungite! Kim

Karelian Heritage:
22/02/2019, 10:38:16 AM

Dear Kim, thank you for your comment. If you use elite shungite stones for water purification, you will need to clean and charge them on a regular basis. In order to get rid of different premises and restore the original filtering capacity of shungite stones surfaces, we'd recommend to do the following at least once a month: 1. Make acidic water by mixing a liter of warm water with one tablespoon of lemon acid or vinegar. 2. Put the stones in the mixture for a couple of hours. 3. Clean elite shungite stones carefully under running water and place them in full sunshine for about three hours turning once. Solar energy will re-charge the stones after the cleaning and you will be able to go back to the original instructions for water purification. If you clean and re-charge the stones regularly, it will be good for a long period of time. But to ensure the highest quality of filtration we'd recommend to change the stones every two years. Feel free to write to us, if you have any questions. We will be happy to help. Best regards, Karelian Heritage

22/02/2019, 10:45:10 PM

Looking forward to receiving a set I just ordered from you which includes an elite piece. Have you done studies that show the effectiveness of the fullerenes when added to a water bottle? Could you provide links?How much do you need to add to a water bottle to be effective?Further to the above question, does the size of an elite stone, say 100 grams, have the same effect on the water as 3 smaller 30 gram stones?

Karelian Heritage:
16/03/2019, 12:34:43 PM

Dear Z, thank you for your comment. We have an article with the results of researches made by Russian scientists, you can find it here: Regarding the shungite water, we recommend using 50-70 grams of Elite Type I Shungite and 150-200 grams of Regular Type III Shungite per 1 liter of water. The number of stones does not matter, what matters is the total weight of the stones used. You can find our article about shungite water here:

07/03/2020, 04:52:38 AM

I have order Shungite pillow and water bottle from shopLC. It says to just rinse the Shungite in water place it in the container that has a pocketlike glass with the bottom of the water bottle. Have you had any idea if this work. It did not say to leave the water for any amount of time before you can use it. Hardly any directions. Please give me any insight. I believe water bottle is 16 oz. Thank you for any informationAloha Spencer

Karelian Heritage:
11/03/2020, 04:44:26 PM

Dear Aloha, thank you for your comment. We recommend leaving the water for 24 hours before drinking it. 24 hours is just enough time for water to be filtered and mineralized with shungite. Please note that we cannot guarantee that shungite from other shops is authentic and that it will work. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Best regards, Karelian Heritage

Juana Taylor:
21/08/2020, 10:56:16 PM

Hello, is it best to add shungite stones to plastic water bottle, glass container, or stainless steel water container? Also, which one is it best to drink from?Is it ok to add essential oils to shungite water? Or will that alter it?

Karelian Heritage:
18/09/2020, 12:30:53 PM

Dear Juana, thank you for your comment! It really doesn't matter what water container you use for your shungite water, just pick the one which is your favourite and which you feel comfortable with. It is ok to add essential oils if you feeli like it, however, make sure that the ones you wish to apply are edible and consuming them won't cause you any harm. Best regards, Pavel Kuznetsov, Karelian Heritage

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