Karelian Heritage Editorial: How Long Should I Wait For Shungite To Work

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        Hello there, Pavel Kuznetsov here again! The stressful times we live in today seem to stretch longer and longer every day, and the new conditions of life that the year 2020 has presented us with seem to become normal. We see all of the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic gave us as a routine, and I believe that it is a great thing. We saw time and time again throughout human history how well humans can overcome all the hardships and adapt to a new situation, and it is very refreshing to see that as a contemporary. So yeah, I guess we still got it, we just need to make sure that we stay cautious and be smart about preventing new cases of coronavirus and make sure our close ones are safe.


        While we are all staying at home, we have an increasing amount of questions from you, our clients, every day, and we are trying our best to answer all of them as quickly as possible. However, as I personally have this kind of communication with you through this editorial page, I figured I could draw your fire from our customer service department and occasionally answer some of the most frequent questions here. So today, I decided not to look for any easy ways and took the liberty to answer the most obscure question possible. And the question is: how long does it take for shungite to work?


        So, there are two answers to these questions, because, of course, there are different properties that shungite gives us. First of all, we need its physical properties, i.e., those which can be checked and proved by experiments and science work. These physical properties include such popular capabilities of shungite as water filtering and EMF and 5G shielding. And the answer here is fairly simple: in these cases, shungite works always, there is no switch to it. You put shungite in water, and its chemical composition and properties just do their job, because that is the way shungite is made. I mean, you need to leave a shungite stone in water for like 6 hours, but that is just because it needs to work its way through all the water there is in the reservoir. If you need to block or diminish the amount of EMF around, it is the same: shungite doesn’t take time to do this, it just does it always.


        It is, however, an entirely different matter when it comes to shungite metaphysical and spiritual properties. That is why I’ve said that the question is mostly obscure, and in my answer, I will not claim that what I am saying is an absolute truth. What I am about to tell you next is just my personal experience and things that I believe in and what I feel towards crystal healing, and that is how it always is when I talk about more metaphysical stuff. It is ok for you to question that, to not believe me. However, if you are interested in crystal healing, I would strongly advise you to take that leap of faith and enjoy it wholeheartedly. So, back to the topic at hand.


        In crystal healing, there are several notions that contribute to the overall functioning of a crystal, including the amount of time you need to feel the effects. It can depend on both you and the crystal you are using and even on the way you are using it. First of all, you should be open to metaphysical effects of crystal healing and believe in their effects; your intentions for crystal healing should be defined and precise. If you doubt crystals and your healing process is aimless and doesn’t have any direction, in general, you can forget about any positive outcome altogether. Also, different people have a different sensibility, and that can also influence the time it takes for crystals to influence you.


        Crystals themselves take a huge part in this. Your intentions should relate to the properties of a crystal, but, what is even more important, you should tune in to the crystal’s vibrations and energies. There are so many different crystals in the world, and all of them have their vibes that can either resonate with you and have a significant effect on your mind and body, or don’t click with you and have a harmful effect on you. There are also just neutral vibrations, which can provide you with a stable and fair amount of healing properties, but nothing special, and that can take more time to get into your system.


        The crystal healing practices that you implement in your crystal healing routine may vary in intensity, so, naturally, they influence the time also. Simply wearing crystal jewelry or carrying crystals with you may be very easy. At the same time, the results may take more time to manifest than, let’s say if you are regularly meditating on your intentions with correct crystals and affirmation. For example, if you want to balance your Chakras with a piece of shungite, I would strongly advise to have regular 15-20 minutes thoughtful meditation sessions, rather than expect it to happen with time by wearing a shungite necklace.


        This way, if you take all of my advice, I think that you’ll start to experience positive changes after two weeks since that is how it has happened to me with shungite. I was ready to welcome crystal healing with open hands and took extensive research of crystal healing and shungite to know what to use and for what purpose, and I knew right away that shungite is a thing for me. Usually, people also tell me that they start to feel the effects of crystal healing, yet I often feel that they took less time to prepare for it, thus, the results take more time to manifest. The important thing here is to be patient and attentive. Sometimes the changes can happen without you even noticing them because you were looking the other way. If you feel nothing for a long time, you can always try something different, different practice, different intentions, or a different crystal. However, I rarely meet people who have trouble with shungite healing.


        So take time to prepare for your shungite healing experience, browse different items to get to know what you can do with it, and vice versa, and don’t rush expecting immediate results, and you’ll be rewarded in the end with a plethora of shungite powerful properties. Please write in the comments, what more you wish to learn about shungite and crystal healing, and I’ll do my best to answer that in the future. Take care, and I’ll see you next month!


Pavel Kuznetsov, Karelian Heritage editor



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2 Comment(s)

16/10/2020, 04:46:54 AM

I've ordered my first piece of shungite and am wondering how to care for it. Does it need to be periodically reenergized? Thanks.

Karelian Heritage:
19/10/2020, 03:19:00 PM

Dear Cathy, the stones should be recharged sometimes. The best way to do it is to leave it in the sun for some time :)

21/10/2020, 07:26:44 AM

OK - this is really personal - and No one has paid me to say this - but it is SO AMAZING AND UNEXPECTED - I just have to share this. I have had a SERIOUS and embarrassing overactive bladder issue for over 10 years - I mean BAD! I had been to many specialists and new drug protocols and NOTHING worked - it was only getting worse and worse. I had never heard of shungite - but a friend had mentioned it - ( only about helping block EFG rays from the phone and being on a computer for hours every day.) SINCE I AM A WRITER - I am glued to the screen for many hours so I thought it might be a good idea to try it - just for that reason. . So I got a Shungite necklace and as soon as i got it - I started wearing it every day for many hours while I was at the computer. About 4 days later - I began to realize - I had not had the terrible and Immediate urge to pee suddenly about 8- 12 times a day ( yet I was drinking the same amount of tea and water I always did)., I began to rack my brain as to why and how this had not plagued me in DAYS..... the ONLY THING DIFFERENT WAS - I WAS WEARING THE SHUNGITE NECKLACE!I wear it every day - IT HAS BEEN EIGHT MONTHS NOW - AND MY BLADDER IS 100% NORMAL NOW!!!!! I MEAN EVERY SINGLE DAY - NO ISSUES AT ALL. It is TRULY A MIRACLE! ( once I forgot to wear it for a full day and the urge did get a bit worse ) - but the next day when I wore it - it vanished! I am completely sold on the healing property of shungite( Oh and my friend who recommended it - she had huge sleeping issues - could only get 3- 4 hours of sleep a night - but as soon as she started wearing her necklace - she now sleeps 7- 8 hours a night!!!!we are so happy!!!!

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