Counter Your Tension with the Soothing Energy of Shungite

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      We all love our unique lives and try to make even some tedious routine activities fresh and interesting so that we would get pleasure from every encounter and endeavor. However, all our fantastic opportunities and ambitious careers have a huge setback that haunts us every day. You see, with a huge number of affairs that we tend to involve ourselves in comes an enormously fast pace of life. We just can’t stop with work, meetings, work outs, meditations, family life, parties and so on. And this fast pace is one of the reasons that causes heavy stress. One, but not only: interpersonal tension, health problems, failures and frustrations, all of these are parts of the large problem of stress. Nevertheless, being crystals healing enthusiasts we know that crystals are great aids in stressful situation, especially our favorite shungite. As heavy stress can eventually lead to anxiety, paranoia, hysteria and a number of other mental disorders, you should know when to use soothing energy of shungite and how can it help you. shungite-crystal-soothing-energy-for-meditation


      Shungite is useful when it is unnecessary for you to take medication. Stress itself is not a disorder or illness and a lot of medications for mental disorders can have heavy or even long-lasting effects so you should be careful with self-treatment. Crystal healing, however is completely harmless, it doesn’t affect your physical or spiritual health. More than that, while medication can often work only as the suppressor of symptoms of mental disorders, crystal healing tries to apply its properties comprehensively, dealing with the healing of body, mind and spirit and treating the roots of the problems of stress itself.


      The effective means to battle everyday stress with the soothing effects of shungite is crystal meditation. This way you can temporarily build a wall between yourself and the pressure around you and hide in this cocoon to find calm and rest you need. Or if find the active rest to be more suitable for you, you can always use shungite in yoga exercises, for example, comfortable shungite rods and harmonizers. It is important, however, to do either of those activities regularly, as this soothing refuge from the stress of routine will nurture your inner peace and harmony. And what’s more, balancing your Root Chakra through yoga and meditations with shungite is also highly beneficial for forming a cool and collected mind.


too-intense-crystal-vibrations-how-to-soothe-with-shungite      Another point in which you might need a soothing energy of shungite is highly powerful intense vibrations from other crystals. Sometimes crystals you have acquired help you in a grand ways to heal ailments of body and mind and have great effects on your personal qualities, but something seems off about them. They can have effects that are too intense for some activities, in which we are at our most vulnerable, like sleeping or showering. If you feel uncomfortable during these activities, for example, you have a headache after sleeping in one room with your crystals, then maybe you need something to soothe this powerful energy, and that is where shungite comes into play. Shungite is said to stabilize the excess energy from other crystals and turn it other way around, improving your sleep and getting rid of nightmares.


      Other that just stabilizing powerful stones, shungite can also work in synergy with other soothing minerals for greater effect. You can pair it with such crystals as agate, tourmaline, fluorite, angelite and some other calming crystals in meditations, exercises, carrying them around with you or in jewelry pieces. This helps to create extremely powerful shield not only from negative influences in your environment (like EMF) but also from everyday stress. Drinking shungite water can have the same soothing effect on your body and mind.


      With stress being the silent killer, you should use means just as silent to counter it. Shungite will work quietly 24-7 on your behalf to guarantee your safety from future mental problems and will help you to find a minute to relax and feel carefree for a moment. Purchase shungite to move the stress away from your life and greet the soothing energy of this magical stone!

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