Attracting Orgone Energy with Shungite Powder

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      The world of spiritual healing and growth is a deep and mysterious plateau that keeps unfolding before our very eyes every day. We keep on finding new ideas, techniques and practices that may promote our spirituality and means to achieve this. The wisdom of generations upon generations of mankind are stored in the annals of history and new knowledge is brought in every now and again. We have already covered a number of spirituals traditions in our blog to help you find the most suitable one and today we will cover another one. This one is not an ancient one, but a product of the 20th century. However, it is based on a lot of traditions connected with energy and the living force. Today we will talk about the idea of orgone and its physical representation, orgonite.


      The idea of orgone was introduced in the 1930th by Austrian psychiatrist Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He described it as the healing energy of life, from which every natural entity in the universe is born. Later he made a number of experiments manipulating different elements to synthesize a universal element that attracts and stores orgone. He experimented with wood, cotton, iron and other organic materials and metals. Despite developing the theory behind orgone his attempts to create this unique mineral were in vain, even though he determined that this mineral should be both organic and non-organic, since it would make it possible not only attract orgone but also retain it in the mineral itself. Nevertheless he gave this unfound material the name of “orgonite” and his theory was quite popular to gain many followers.


      One of these followers, Karl Hans Welz, decided to continue the experiments of Dr. Reich and find this material. Since the time has passed from the initial experiments, the science has a large leap by the time Karl Welz came into play. This fact made possible for him to implement modern materials and equipment in searching for orgonite, namely polyester resin. He was able to create orgonite by suspending various metal particles in the resin matrix. The energy of these metals is flowing inside resin and attracts orgone while the resin itself keeps this energy within orgonite. This way Welz was able to synthesize the unique mineral which his predecessor was so eager to find, and make it a combination of metal and organic chemical material, just as Dr. Reich predicted. Welz also added quartz to the mix for he knew that quartz can hold off a lot of pressure from energy without losing its properties and gives a charge for implementing all the properties of orgonite.


      So, what are these properties? What does this mysterious energy of orgone brings to the table? Well, quite a number of positive effects are found after dealing with orgonite. First of all, its properties are useful for physical protection, e.g. from EMF or other negative influences in the environment. It boosts immune system and promotes good mental health, including calm sleep and emotional stability. The energy of orgone is perfect for transforming the energy of human being, bringing the positive flows into you and denying negative ones.  Orgonite stabilizes your mood and makes it easier to go about your day. Spiritually, it helps to achieve deeper meditations and through meditations to gain spiritual growth that you may need. It is a great help in any spiritual practice, so don’t be afraid to use to increase the output. 


      However, you may ask us, why we are so interested in orgonite and its properties. Well, it is quite simple: one of the components used in it can be, you guessed it, shungite. Shungite powder, to be precise.  The properties of shungite beautifully add up to the already powerful effects of orgonite to create a truly magnificent tool of self-growth, crystal healing and spirituality. The protective powers of shungite increase aforementioned protective properties of orgonite to extreme. More than that, shungite connections to the Chakra system brings a unique links with the energy of the Earth while stimulating and balancing all Chakras of the user. Shungite also helps to clean the environment from toxins and negative energy and is one of the most effective elements of crystal healing, so the contributions of shungite to healing properties of orgonite are essential. 


      Our ultimate goal is, of course, to learn how to make orgonite with shungite powder at home. The process isn’t very hard, but it is better to have some experience at handcrafting. To make orgonite you will need polyester resin, solvent (you can buy those at any furniture or home improvement store), metal shavings or small fragments (like little screws), crystals of quartz and any additional components that you think can add up to the spiritual power of orgonite. In our case, this component is shungite powder. Don’t forget about your own safety while crafting orgonite, so wear rubber gloves and safety glasses. You need to pick a shape of your future orgonite piece and find a suitable mold. Put metal pieces, quartz and shungite powder in the mold and then pour resin in the mold. Mix everything to make sure that all the components are spread evenly. Make sure the quartz crystal is in the middle and there are no bubbles in the resin. Leave your orgonite mix for 24 hours in a heavily ventilated space and it will be ready! You can also check some video guides on YouTube to make sure you do everything correctly.


      So now you have a simple recipe for creating your own unique orgonite piece with shungite powder. Make sure your spiritual growth suits the orgone concept with some further reading on the topic. Purchase shungite powder now to create your own spiritual experience with your favorite mineral!

3 Comment(s)

Jeanne Taylor:
18/09/2019, 04:14:47 PM

Thank you so much! For sharing all this information with those of us on our spiritual journey

Karelian Heritage:
20/09/2019, 03:32:24 PM

Dear Jeanne, thank you for your comment! We are happy that you find this article helpful. Bets regards, Karelian Heritage

Jeanne Taylor:
18/09/2019, 04:14:48 PM

Thank you so much! For sharing all this information with those of us on our spiritual journey

26/03/2020, 12:55:42 PM

Hello. I almost gave up on orgonite. I made some, and it didn't do anything. But something in my spirit told me I was giving up too soon. So I went online and did some research. It looks like I made a pretty darn big mistake!!! I've been cutting up steel, copper and brass pot scrubbers( this takes HOURS. I wish there was a better faster way. My rapidly aging hands are hurting. The mini metal shredders sold on and off line are specifically NOT for the public. This, however is understandable, because if those metal shredders can shred a steel pipe, they can do the same thing to a person's ARM!!! Definitely NOT for kids!!! But I've tried Etsy, Amazon, and Alibaba ( Alibaba = extremely expensive wholesale!!! ). No luck finding even a used mini metal shredder. I tired to "bargain" with the sales representative at UNTHA International. But that guy had all the personality of pissed off Brooklyn taxicab driver. He was all like .. 'WHAT PART OF "WE DON'T SELL TO THE PUBLIC" DIDN'T YOU UNDERSTAND!?!?" So I just told him to "F" himself! ... Well, so much for "bargaining." That was the meanest jerk I think Iv'e ever ENCOUNTERED on the telephone!!! Don't bother calling that company. You'll just get the same treatment " I " did. The metal shavings sold online are just too costly. I like to use mostly copper and aluminum with a pinch of steel and brass. Steel, copper and brass pot scrubbers have been a godsend. So have aluminum turkey roasting pans and aluminum soda cans. The aluminum I can send through my paper shredder. When I send it through a second time, it makes the bits and pieces somewhat smaller. I've tried to get metal shavings from machine shops, but when I did that, the workers looked at me with extreme suspicion and told me to move along and go home!!! Yep! They thought I was probably a terrorist looking for shrapnel!! Now if I had been a woman, they would have probably thought that I was either an artist or an art teacher and that I was obviously gathering pretty metal pieces for an ART PROJECT! That's how these new "biases" seem to work. So for me, it's been pot scrubbers and turkey pans. I couldn't figure out why my orgonite seemed so ineffective. I was using a good quality resin. I just couldn't understand it. I was just about ready to write the whole orgonite thing off as being a bunch of "hookah smoke." But something in my spirit said "not so fast." So I did some research, and soon, I discovered that SERIOUS orgonite warriors ( the very first of the true Jedi!!! ) WILL NOT USE EPOXY!!! They say that epoxy doesn't shrink, and as a result, no pressure is put on the crystals!!! No pressure, no peizoelectric action!!! This would mean that my first orgonites were like cars with no batteries and no fuel!!! All the best stuff had been put into them, but with no way to activate the quartz crystals, NADA!!! Well! If only I had known this SOONER! Someone said that epoxy does make effective orgonite, but he ( or she ) seems to be just about the only person SAYING that. Everybody ELSE in the room seems to be quietly shaking their heads! The strong chemical odor of epoxy resin is hard to cope with, but I may just have to get used to it. It really is important that your orgonite ( particularly you tower busters ) be EFFECTIVE. Otherwise, it's like fighting a real dragon with a sword made out of cardboard!!!! Epoxy resin ( due to it's low shrinkage may not produce the "real thing!!!" I sure hate to think I wasted my time and hard earned money on tower busters made with the wrong type of resin, but, well,... Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Karelian Heritage:
13/04/2020, 04:22:08 PM

Dear Red, thank you for your comment. We are sorry that you had such a frustrating experience with orgonite. We recommend using polyester resin, solvent, metal shavings or small fragments, quartz and shungite powder. Put shungite powder, quartz and metal pieces in a mold, and or resin evenly. Leave the mix for 24 hours and enjoy your new protective orgonite piece! We hope our instruction helps. Best regards, Karelian Heritage.

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