Shungite Pendulum of Wisdom Will Show You the Way!

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        Hard choices and questions come up in our lives all the time. Decisions sometimes are needed to be made swiftly even when we are not sure which outcome will be correct. That is why we always need help when it comes to decisions: we ask people in our lives what they would do, we randomly choose some option or we pay for professional aid. And speaking of outside help, shungite is our go-to stone when it comes to metaphysical help. It helps us with energy flows, it shields us from negative influences around us and stimulates our Root chakra to great effects. And now you might be wondering: can shungite help us with difficult decisions? 

Keep calm and hold shungite in your hand

        The obvious thing to do would be to practice meditations with shungite. Shungite raises awareness and understanding in person, so in this influx of wisdom you might just do what is the correct thing to do in a difficult situation. But what if you don’t have a lot of time and zero hour of decision comes very sudden? Well, the solution for this problem comes in a form of a shungite pendulum.

        Pendulums have always been cherished by people for their properties of hidden knowledge and wisdom. Throughout the history they were used for a large amount of goals: to find water, gemstones, ores and precious metals, to determine the sex of an unborn child, to locate traps and mines on a battlefield and so on. When combined with magnificent properties of shungite, pendulums power can be drastically increased. This way, instead of lengthy meditation you can make quick decisions on a spot.

What to do, what to do

        First of all, after you have acquired a shungite pendulum, you should cleanse it (check out our guide on crystal cleansing and charging). We would recommend doing it with an incense or a flame. Then define your intention for the pendulum: what you need it to help you with. After that, ask a question, whether out loud or in your head. Remember, that it should be a question that only can be answered with yes or no. Make sure that you are holding the pendulum still and there is no movement prior to the question.  The answer “yes” will be indicated by sudden movements of the pendulum without any effort from you. Pendulums react differently to different people but most common are back and forth or circle movements. “No” answer will in most cases be a still position of the pendulum.

        However, this might be the case that your pendulum will move both if it is “yes” and “no” answer, however the movements will be different. In this case you should recharge your shungite pendulum and then firstly ask it to show you what movement will mean “yes”, and after you’ll see it to ask it what will mean “no”. After that it will become clear to you how to communicate with your shungite pendulum and you will be free to use it in difficult situations.
What else?

        Shungite pendulum can be used for other purposes aside from helping you to make hard decisions. As shungite is a powerful tool for crystal healing, you can use pendlum to find troubling areas on a body. Again, its sudden movement over some spot will mean that something is not right. Hanging shungite pendulum over working space or your leisure area will successfully shield you from negative influences and unwanted energies, such as EMF or 5G radiation. During work, pendulum will keep you focused and more aware, helping you to find some forgotten thoughts in your memory and search for better solutions. On the other hand, during your spare time it will calm your mind and keep your energy flows smooth and balanced. Keeping shungite pendulum around will improve your perception and understanding in interpersonal relationships, everyday life processes and more complex subjects of human existence. 

        All of that untapped hidden wisdom will come to you with the help of shungite pendulum. You won’t have to be hesitant anymore and will move along your life quickly and with determination. Purchase shungite pendulum and get rid of the pain of hard decisions together with this magnificent Northern beauty of a stone!



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