Shungite Gift Ideas

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shugnite-christmas-gift-ideas      It’s that great time of the year once again, the marvelous Holiday season. The time when we make each other’s dreams come true. The time when we share the magic and mystery of Christmas and New Year with our loved ones. The magnificent moments when the time stops and we embrace the warmth and affection of our family and friends.  And how we love to express this warmth and affection with our thoroughly picked gifts!


      Probably, you are already thinking about this sometimes hard and challenging task of choosing the presents for your close ones. We at Karelian Heritage decided to join you in this process and we give you our ideas for shungite gifts. If you have crystal lovers in your family or among your friends, or they just enjoy exquisite dark black jewelry and you think it will outline their personal style, feel free to look through our shungite gift ideas. We offer you shungite presents for any needs and purposes, as well as for various prices depending on how much you are planning to spend on gifts.


      We compiled three different lists of shungite gifts with different value. You can browse them on our website, where you will find categories of gifts under 20$, 50$ and 100$. There is a great variety of items in these categories to suit your tastes and needs. There you will find anything from small pendants and elite shungite earrings to shungite protection sets, shungite water glasses and large shungite stones and cubes. We managed to pick both items for shungite beginners and for experienced shungite users alike. Feel free to shop around and maybe you will even find a gift for yourself so you can either begin or continue your own magical journey into the world of shungite.


soapstone-whiskey-cooling-stones      What’s more, if you are looking for a present for a specific member of your family, or a special friend, we have created a list just for that. There you can find categories with gifts for your best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, mom and dad, for your boss and coworker. Our specialists based these picks on their massive personal experience and popularity of the items. With these categories you can quickly and easily choose lovely jewelry for your wife/girlfriend, powerful accessory for your husband/girlfriend and practical presents for your boss.


      The time is now, so with these guidelines, we hope that the process of looking for gifts will become simpler and more enjoyable for you. Surprise your loved ones with our magical shungite gifts and grant them the power of shungite healing and protection. Buy shungite gifts now and make sure that cold winter holidays are full of warmth and love for our families and friends!

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