Shungite Facial Massage – A Path to Youthful Look and Vigor

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        Let’s say you’ve just bought a set of shungite cosmetic items and now want to apply all the powerful healing shungite properties to make your skin fresh, beautiful and young again. Yet, is this everything that numerous crystals and stones can give you and all that Mother Earth has to offer? Nay, we answer to you. As you know the cosmetic routine should be done once a day, and some items are better to use once-twice a week. However, there is a remedy for all this lost time in between your daily sessions and it comes in the most simple form imaginable – pure power of crystals themselves.


Crystal massage and its benefits


        Massage is known to be an effective tool to stimulate your body and healthy processes, yet not a lot of people tend to include facial massage in massage sessions. Of course, those of us who are concerned about the condition of facial skin have at least considered it at some point. Well today, if you have either a large crystal collection (and we hope you do) or a small grid of your favorite stones, you can jump right into facial crystal massage, which is becoming more and more popular each day. This way some stones that you may have considered to be an eye candy will actually manage to give your skin a great boost and massively influence your health. Main purposes of stone massage in general are to reduce inflammation and enrich your skin with oxygen. Combine it with various active properties the crystals have and you have a countless spectrum of healing and skin care possibilities.


        In the end, crystal facial massage can give your skin healthy and beautiful tone and texture, reinvigorate damaged or dying tissues. Crystals promote the work of collagen and battle with wrinkling of the facial skin. The natural purity of the crystals is a great tool to reduce toxin level on your skin and stimulate blood circulation in needed areas, thus giving you the healthy look you probably are looking for.


Is crystal massage a modern trend?


        Well, yes and no. Globally, of course, it is one of many magnificent fruits of globalization, as we manage to learn new incredible things about different cultures of the world and their approaches to healing and crystals. Nevertheless, some peoples of the world have already incorporated crystal massages for centuries. The prime example is China, an unofficial homeland of jade. Crystals of jade were considered a beauty tools and were applied by means of massage and scraping (called gua sha). These procedures were believed to regenerate skin and return it to its youth. Generally, in the ancient times Eastern cultures were more progressive in terms of crystal healing, as similar trends were found all across Far East, for example in India, and in the Middle East, as it was believed that Egyptian queen Cleopatra used crystals of quartz to keep her youthful look.


How to do crystal facial massage?


        If you have a crystal point in your collection, you can start by simply putting it on your forehead while you are lying down with its point directed upwards. This will establish your connection with the nature and free flow of energy, discouraging the negative energy away through the point and attracting the positive one. This will also help to align your chakras in a straight line, improving your perception and awareness.


        Then, move on to the massage itself. It works best with tumbled or polished stones. Be sure to pick a stone that is not too big and feels comfortable when you roll it around. Before you start with the massage, apply some moisturizer on your skin for a smoother movement of stones. Roll stones from the center of your face (your nose) to its edges – hairline, cheeks and chin with a force you find comfortable. It helps if the stone has wider and narrower sides at the same time. Wider sides are perfect for larger areas like forehead and cheeks, while narrower sides will help you to get the trickiest spots on your face. These movements will instantly increase blood circulation and release all the negativity and stress so you will feel relaxed right from the start.


What are the differences between crystals?


        As we said before, various crystals bring different properties to the table. Some of them also vary in shape and size, so it can happen that your favorite crystal will simply be uncomfortable during massage. Study different crystals to find ones with similar properties to replace it. To pick a correct stone you should firstly define your intentions with it. They can be love and positivity (then you will need quartz), healing and protection (jade is great for that), calmness and rest (amethyst). Some powerful stones are able to bring more properties. For example, shungite is a great means for protection from negative influences; it cleanses your skin from toxins and gives your skin a number of positive elements and anti-oxidants. It can restore damaged tissue faster and smooth muscle tension. This soothing effect also impacts your mental health, giving you rest, relaxation and stability.


        Shungite comes in many forms, so you can shop around to pick an item that suits you best. You can choose from tumbled stones, massage stones, massage sticks, points, spheres, etc. Its connection to nature will bring you closer to the Earth and the life-force energy while its proved healing and regenerative effects will return your skin its youthful look and influence your whole body. Purchase shungite massage items to stay young and fresh!

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