The Perfect Gift is With Shungite in It: Shungite Gift Boxes for Beginners and Enthusiasts

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        If you want to introduce shungite to your family or friends (or deepen the experience for people who already use shungite) it might be nigh impossible to pick a shungite gift. Today our stock contains so many various shungite goods that we ourselves get lost in it when we wish to try something new. There are bracelets of different shape and sizes, countless pendants with various symbols, pyramids, spheres, cubes, necklaces, earrings, rings, massage stones, water stones, harmonizers, phone plates and so much more. Of course, we wish to create personal shungite experience for our clients, thus the large array of shungite goods, however with this diversity creates challenges when you are not the one who will use shungite afterwards. Will they like it? If they are novices in shungite healing, will it provide comfortable introduction to shungite? Will it be enough to bring both shungite’s powerful properties AND great look for everyday wearing and decoration. That is why we have decided to create shungite gift boxes – something for everyone.


Let’s take a look


        Shungite gift boxes are made with intention that you will receive a comprehensive shungite experience to dive in into shungite healing and protection right away without going too deep into getting to know our every product. With our shungite gift-box you will not miss a snippet of what shungite has to offer. All our gift boxes include: shungite pyramid, so you could protect your household or a desktop from negative influences in the environment; shungite phone sticker, which makes it possible to shield yourself from the negative effects of electro-magnetic fields (or EMF) which are emitted by your gadgets; shungite jewelry pieces to enable daily shungite healing and protection; elite shungite stone which tune every shungite property to eleven for maximum effect and can be used in personal protection, healing and water purification. This complex approach will make your acquaintance with shungite simple yet very broad and will be a perfect gift for crystal lovers or total beginners in crystal healing.




Levels of shungite love


        There are three different shungite gift boxes: Basic, Special and Advanced. Basic shungite gift box is perfect for people who are not familiar with what shungite is (yet) or who already knows about shungite but haven’t dared to try it yet, even if they are vivid crystal lovers. Shungite will be a great addition both to the crystal collection and to an outfit with its magnetic deep black color. Special shungite gift box is for more experienced shungite users, who might already have a little shungite collection of their own. It’s a perfect way to deepen their shungite experience with the best quality shungite has to offer. Advanced shungite gift box is for adepts of shungite healing. The best of the best, this gift box includes the most exquisite and thorough shungite product, however they often are overlooked or underrated. That is why even the person with the largest shungite collection imaginable will be pleasantly surprised by these handpicked shungite treasures.


        So there you have it, unique presents from the heart of Russian north which will bring joy and healing in any household. Comprehensive nature of shungite gift boxes will prepare any enthusiast of alternative medicine and crystal healing to further engulf themselves in the magical domain of shungite healing and protection. Purchase shungite gift boxes and make the perfect natural present to the people you truly love!

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