Start a Zero Waste Living together with Shungite Stone!

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      Zero waste  have recently become a very attractive idea in terms of sustainable development. The no waste policy is extremely helpful in preserving our planet and securing better future for generations to come. So if you haven’t already started implementing zero waste living, it definitely would be a positive thing to do. However, such large changes are sometimes very challenging to achieve – basically, you will turn your live upside down. What you can do to make these changes gradual is to introduce various zero waste products in your life – things that you will use on daily basis. Shungite can be one of those products, especially if you need a great water filtering tool and want to create a zero waste home with protection against negative influences.


What is Zero Waste living?


      Zero waste (or no waste or low waste) policy is basically a set of certain principles which promote recycling and reusing products and reducing potential waste. People who lead zero waste living make it so products they use don’t end up of garbage dumps or in incinerators. All the materials in their life should be either reused or recycled until it is no more usable. Of course, overall, zero waste is much more a goal or a principle, since complete zero waste living is still impossible today.


      Zero waste supporters often raise a question of health hazard connected to large number of landfills. Studies have shown that city garbage dumps and their emissions of harmful gases can become a reason for development of lung cancer, respiratory diseases, birth defects among other diseases. Let alone the fact that landfills are filled with drugs and chemicals which contaminate your drinking water.


      People who lead zero waste living promote such everyday activities as using reusable and sustainable packaging, waste sorting and recycling, responsible consumption of resources and goods, repairing and restoring of damaged goods, buying products in bulk, denying unnecessary things, including disposable accessories. All of these efforts can help our planet to become a better place without excessive waste and contamination.


How can shungite help you lead a zero waste life?


      First of all, all of shungite items are reusable – most of them are with you for eternity. Since they are made of stone the possibility of them ever being broken is extremely low. The only shungite stones which are under risk are raw elite shungite stones because they are so fragile. However, even if your elite shungite stone is broken, you can safely use the broken pieces as individual stones. These pieces still possess the full spectrum of shungite properties, and if you will use them together for protection or meditations they will retain their previous effectiveness.


      Apart from that, almost all other shungite items can be used for countless centuries – after all, the stone has already spent 2 billion years in the ground. Shungite pieces such as shungite jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, etc.) or shungite decorative items (pyramids, spheres, cubes, figurines, etc.) can become family heirlooms and be passed down to next generations.


     Some shungite items, however, do have abilities, which can be depleted. When we talk about shungite water sets, we often say that they can lose their effectiveness after regular water filtration. Don’t worry though, shungite water stones are totally one of zero waste products. You do not need to throw away these stone, you only need to clean them by washing them in running water or by applying a mixture of citric acid and water for more thorough cleansing. After that, the stones will be ready to be used again.


      However, if you feel that your shungite water stones do not make your water cleaner anymore, you can always find other uses for them. The exquisite look of deep black (regular shungite) or silver glance (elite shungite) stones can become a great decoration piece. You can reuse these stones in jewelry by using them as beads or use them in your house decoration, especially if you will have plenty of old water stones. You can decorate your plants with these stones and their residual properties will surely make the life of your plants better.


      The same goes for shungite metaphysical abilities, such as grounding, protection from negative influences, energy balancing and Chakra stimulation. If you feel that the stones are not as effective anymore in these regards, again, do not rush to throw them away. You can always recharge them with sunlight, moonlight, putting them in soil, over a burning candle or an incense stick. Also, you can use other powerful crystals to recharge your depleted shungite items and stones.


It’s all in your intentions


      Most importantly, shungite will help you to direct your life towards zero waste living. If you will become determined to bring no waste mentality into your life, then shungite properties will help you to stay on course. Regular meditations with shungite stone will bring you more awareness and clarity on how to lead zero waste life. You will be able to see your goals and steps toward those goals much clearer, just don’t forget to focus on this specific intention during your meditation.


      That is how shungite may become your primary companion into zero waste living. Purchase shungite and enjoy the wonderful reusable properties of this essential part of Northern nature!

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