Power Your Spring Cleaning with the Energy of Crystals: Crystal Diary

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        It is a start of a new season, and it is important to enter it without any dead weight and with freshness and purity. If you are lacking that today, do not worry, there is a simple solution for that – famous spring cleaning. For a lot of people, it is much needed yearly reconstruction of their lives and a chance to start something new and, in turn, end something that is getting in their way of living a balanced life. That is why we have decided to make a spring cleaning diary for those who wish to turn their life around and it can be done in a course of the week. And since we are huge fans of crystal healing we want shungite and other crystals to help us in this endeavor, so in this diary you will find several tips on how crystals can help you to set your mind for the next season.

        We understand that not everyone can devote the whole week to this process, but it can become a perfect solution for those who are still in self-isolation due to coronavirus outbreak. However, if you don’t have so much time to devote to spring cleaning, you are welcomed to do it in your own pace, remember, it is the intention that counts.



Monday – Get rid of the things you don’t need

        First thing that you need to do is to get rid of all the unnecessary things you have in your life. We are pretty sure that everyone has those, for example, old clothes that you don’t wear anymore, all the small things that we usually have lying around our desks and shelves and don’t even notice them. Sometimes even books can be a burden, since they occupy a lot of space but some of them we don’t really need, or even don’t like, but still are reluctant to throw away. And remember, that you don’t have to throw these things away, you can recycle some of them or donate them to charity. 

        When you get rid of unnecessary things, it lifts their weight from your conscience and soul. However, to do it thoughtfully, you will need a clear mind. Clear quartz can be your aid in that. Come Monday morning of your spring cleaning week, meditate for 15-20 minutes with a piece of clear quartz in your hand with the intention of cleansing and purity. Repeat the affirmation in your mind: “The cleaner my home is, the better I feel.” The energy of clear quartz will open your mind and you will be able to comprehend which things you still depend on and which one has become reluctant in your life and hold you down. With this in mind, you will make all the right decisions on what stays and what goes away.



Tuesday - Clean your home

        Secondly, you should do the most important thing in spring-cleaning – cleaning itself. It is so much better to keep the pace of your everyday activities and work when you have a clean home, and with it, a fresh feeling and pure conscience. Yet we also do understand that it is very hard sometimes to force ourselves to do the cleaning, especially on such a large scale, so what you need to do first on Tuesday morning is to find some motivation to start your cleaning

        However, if you do your preparations correctly, you won’t have to search it on the spot. And if you are with us for some time now, you probably already know how we love to keep crystals at home and enjoy their energy on a regular basis. So if you place rose quartz crystals in your bedroom several days prior, you will bathe in its positive loving energy which will charge you with ambition and motivation to do great things, spring cleaning included. Make sure you do your best cleaning and polish every nook and cranny and we are sure that you will feel so much better once you are finished. More tired, yes, but better.



Wednesday - Clean your environment

        The next step after that would be to cleanse the environment at your home from negative influences, which can do great damage to your mental health and mood if left unchecked. That is where shungite properties may come in handy, since shungite is a great protective stone which can repel substantial amount of negative energy and influences, especially if you use elite shungite. It can protect you from such threats as electromagnetic fields (or EMF) and 5G radiation which we are always exposed to due to a large number of communication devices around us, as well as from geopathic stress and negative energy that lurks around at every corner, especially during these stressful times.

        So all you have to do on Wednesday is to take the elite shungite stone and pass it near all the openings in your apartment, most crucial doors and windows. This will prevent negative things from entering your home and you will be shielded from them. After that, keep shungite decorative items, such as shungite pyramids, spheres, cubes and figurines at your home to shield it from future threats, if you are not already doing that.



Thursday – Detox your body with shungite water

        The next thing in which shungite will be of major help is detoxification. It is important for our spring cleaning to keep our body at the same level of purity as everything else and get rid of all the toxins that flow in our body.
All you need to do on Thursday is take 50-70 grams of elite shungite chips and put it in a liter of water. Wait for 6 hours and your detox shungite water will be ready. Shungite substantially diminishes the amount of negative elements and bacteria in water and enriches it with positive ones, such as Zink, Calcium, Iron, etc. If you don’t want to drink plain water, you can always make a crystal elixir with it, for example with the addition of lime and mint. 

        Drink it throughout the day and if you enjoy it and it makes you feel better, you can include it in your daily routine. If that’s the case, then you can drink it once a day in the morning for two weeks, then you should take a week long break to balance your body’s elements naturally and only after that start again. In long term, shungite water may improve the functioning of essential body systems, including digestion, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, skin condition, as well as strengthen your mental health and influence your general mood.



Friday – Make a fire ritual

        Friday is a perfect day to make some sort of preliminary conclusions. With all that you’ve done already you will be ready to assess clearer what kind of things you need to get rid of next. To get rid of metaphysical negative things in your life you can perform a fire ritual using the shungite candleholder. Shungite is a powerhouse of grounding and balance and it can really help in attracting positive energy to let go of unnecessary things. 

        All you have to do is to write things that you don’t want to see in your life anymore and burn them with fire from a candle that is placed in a shungite candleholder. It can be anything from relationships to conditions of life and personal features, remember, it is your intentions that count. After everything that you perform during your spring cleaning week, all of these intentions will surely manifest in your life.



Saturday – Clean your digital space

        On Saturday you can take a little rest and perform something that requires much less physical effort yet it still demands motivation and thought put into it. To keep your spring-cleaning up to date with modern digital world, you should not forget about your digital space as well. Too often, our PC’s desktop and hard disk are clogged with files we don’t need anymore yet are too lazy or forgetful to get rid of or sort them out. 

        So if you already put so much effort in cleaning your life, we are pretty sure that you can go extra mile with it and clean your PC, smartphone and tablet from unnecessary data. To find the direction in this affair you can again use the help of crystal healing. For example, moonstone is extremely beneficial in acquiring intuition and your inner feelings in relation to your goals, so you should charge a moonstone point with lunar energy the night prior and keep it at your side while you are clearing your digital space and it will guide you through it.



Sunday – Finish your spring cleaning with crystal grid

        The logical end of your spring-cleaning should be you turning the page in your life. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, as the saying goes. Yet everything is very simple in our case: you should first and foremost define your intentions for this next page, remember, everything is up to you.

        Once you define it, you should reinforce it with a crystal grid which you will keep at home. The grounding energy of shungite point from our cleansing set will be the base of this grid and its centerpiece. Pick the rest of the crystals according to your intentions, lay them out and don’t forget to activate it to enjoy everyday crystal healing till the next season. For the intention of cleansing we advise to use such crystals as amethyst, aventurine, moonstone, aqua aura quartz, agate, tourmaline and any other crystals that you feel connected to.

        With that last Sunday ritual your road to transformation will be complete and all that is left will be to way for the results. If you have correct intentions in mind they will start to manifest in the nearest future and you will be able to become the person you wish to be. Purchase shungite and other crystals and shape your life in a way you want to with the help of the energy of shungite – the best of Karelian nature.



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