Make Your Coronavirus Quarantine More Pleasant and Enjoyable with Shungite: Karelian Heritage Editorial

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       I’ve never thought that I would live through the kind of events we are witnessing today. A global pandemic in our time, who would’ve thought, it even sounds like something from history books and black and white cinema. But that’s the reality we are presented with. Coronavirus came out of nowhere and took the world by storm. The planet became paralyzed and there is nothing we, the common folk, can do about it but wait for the best people of this world to find the solution to this truly worldwide issue. Our prayers are with those who suffer from coronavirus and those who lost their loved ones to this terrible disease. Just as we thank people who go out there every day to help minimize the damage created by coronavirus: medical workers, emergency workers and people who still supply us with our basic necessities during these troubled times.


        However, even for us, life still goes on. We still have to work to earn money, only today we have to do it from our homes in our self-isolation. It’s very important to stop coronavirus spreading more and more and we have to be responsible about, so please, stay home, just like I and everyone else in our team here at Karelian Heritage does. Yet, of course, quarantine and self-isolation bring a whole other spectrum of problems in our life. How to balance work and personal life if you are at home all the time? And, maybe even a larger one: how to entertain yourself if you are locked up at your home for a long time? So I’ve decided to take liberty and to give you some tips on how you can make your self-isolation more comfortable.


        First of all, of course, my everyday tool is shungite water. I’ve never actually stopped drinking it instead of regular drinking water, yet at these troubled times I can see its effects even more clearly, especially compared to my peers. It energizes me in the morning and gives me all the necessary nutrition that I may miss out on now, as I don’t go for groceries that often. It keeps my body systems in check and strengthens my immune system, so I feel perfect, even without daily hiking and outdoors time. And I noticed that I am much less irritable than some people I am in regular contact with, so it also keeps my mental health in check.


        Also, as you may remember, shungite decontaminates water and purifies it from bacteria, toxic and negative elements. Shungite water is basically the purest water you can find, so every time I return home, if I need to get some necessary items or I have contact with other people, like delivery men, I wash my hands with shungite water, since I know that its properties might be beneficial in preventing me from getting contamination. Yes, most possibly I do it because I, just as all the rest of the world, became a little bit paranoid in the last few months, but I know everything about shungite properties and it really brings warmth to my heart to know that they are on my side.


        Secondly, since this self-isolation started, I definitely noticed how hard it is to remain focused and balance work with everything else, when you are indoors. Especially work with laziness and all of the distractions that we have at home. And you should remember that being lazy is totally normal, especially when the whole world has stopped, yet if there is a demand for you to remain productive you need to find that focus. I’ve certainly have experienced this on myself, and my PS4 is definitely trying to lure me away from writing this text, but I still manage with the help of morning meditations with shungite.


        All I do is take a pair of shungite harmonizers after I finish my breakfast and morning hygiene routine (with shungite water, naturally) and meditate with them for 15 minutes. It is important to think of your intention of being focused on your professional life and productivity. You can even complement your meditation with simple affirmations, like “For today, I am truly attentive on my work” or “I will be observant and attentive throughout my entire day.” After these meditations I’ve noticed that I started to choose working more often as my activity and to get more enjoyment out of it.


quarantine-crystal-books        Finally, you can diversify your evening rest with some crystal healing information, especially if you are such a vivid crystal enthusiast as I am. Firstly, there are some awesome crystal healing books, which will provide you with all kinds of awesome information about crystals and their effects, properties and abilities. With these books, you will be able to see more clearly what kind of intentions should you pick for crystal healing, how to pick a crystal for your intention and how Chakras correlate with different intentions, apart from some general information about different crystals of the world. My favorites are “Crystals: The modern guide to crystal healing” by Yulia van Doren, “Crystal Muse: everyday rituals to tune in the real you” and “Crystals 365” by Heather Askinosie, “Crystals for beginners” and “Crystals for Healing” by Karen Frazier. A lot of these books were written by our colleagues at Energy Muse and I would definitely recommend checking their site for some info on crystals. And make sure to check our blog, there is a lot of useful stuff that I and my staff have gathered over the years of working with shungite and crystals.


        Secondly, you can check some Youtube channels connected to crystal healing, as they combine the knowledge about crystals with great visual help, so you could see how everything looks before you acquire it and, naturally, you can watch or listen to these channels while you are busy with something else, really comfortable. These channels include the likes of Hibiscus Moon, Crystal Healing, Healing Crystals, Energy Muse and, of course, our own Youtube Channel. We will make sure to write a comprehensive review of different books and channels in the near future, yet you can start exploring the magical world of crystal healing and shungite healing today.



        Stay strong, stay safe and stay at home. We hope that you will be able to turn your quarantine into the most enjoyable experience, especially with the help of shungite and other crystals. Write in the comments how you manage to stay in top mental and physical shape at home during quarantine, and we, at Karelian wish you only the best. Till the next time, hope under more safe and pleasant circumstances!


Pavel Kuznetsov, Karelian Heritage editor

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