Fireweed or Ivan Chai: the Taste of Northern Nature in Your Cup

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      We at Karelian Heritage love to try new healing goods the nature of the North can offer us. And we got to tell you: this one is a doozy. You can actually witness it all your life, especially in the North and never even have a thought that it possesses great healing properties. We of course talk about the fiery plant that is Ivan Chai. Ivan Chai (or Fireweed) is a unique northern herb with a great number of medicinal properties and a tasty tea drink. So, pour your Ivan Chai, sit back and enjoy this drink while reading what great effects it can have on you.


      Fireweed or Ivan Chai (or Chamaenerion angustifolium) is a common perennial herbaceous plant of the willow herb family (or Onagraceae). The plant is very widespread and found in vastly different regions, ranging from the northern boreal regions to tropical areas. It is distinguished by its great number of purple flowers and usually grows in large groups, which makes big fireweed fields such a magnificent sight.


      Ivan Chai has been known to reduce user's anger and transform karma. It is a great means for rest, restoration and starting over from the clean slate. It aids in finding the purpose and setting goals in your life. Fireweed is beneficial in overcoming stress, fatigue, exhaustion and mental and emotional traumas. It is also extremely beneficial for bringing balance and energy in life and connecting user to the nature of Earth.


      Fireweed is famous for being an effective anti-inflammatory medicine used in treating various pains, injuries, wounds, aches tumors and swellings. It is rich with vitamins A and C (even 4 times more than, for example, oranges). It is also useful in treating such diseases and illnesses as diarrhea, dysentery, stomach diseases, typhoid, ulcer, gastritis, colitis, arthritis and rheumatism.


      Fireweed is closely connected to transformation, release and rebirth, mostly due to the fact, that it is the first plant to grow on burned areas and after forest fires. It is associated with Mary Magdalene and the Sacred Femininity and different minerals, such as amber, quartz, opaque and rhodonite.


      Now that you know about the great properties of Ivan Chai, you should also learn how to make it properly. It’s actually pretty easy and very similar to making regular tea. You should take 2-3 teaspoons of Ivan Chai for 0,5 liter of hot water and wait for ten minutes. It is said that for the best effect you should first pour 1/3 of water and the rest in a couple of minutes. The biggest difference from other tea-based drinks is that you can change water with the same Ivan Chai up to five times and it will still save its odor and taste. To increase overall healing effect of fireweed you may use shungite water to brew it. 


      So just go ahead and brew your own Fireweed drink to enjoy the whole spectrum of its healing and spiritual properties. We are sure that it is a perfect either as warm beverage for cold winter evening or as refreshing drink for hot summer day. Purchase Ivan Chai now to taste a glimpse of Northern nature in your cup.



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03/02/2019, 07:32:57 PM

Where can i buy Ivan Chai? Thank you! Dorothy

Karelian Heritage:
06/02/2019, 12:18:49 PM

Dear Dorothy, thank you for contacting us. You may buy Ivan Chai at our store. The listings are at the bottom of the page. Here is also the link you may use: Feel free to contact us, if you have any other questions. Best regards, Karelian Heritage

Veronica Ostro:
03/04/2020, 06:33:32 PM

heavenly collision - cosmic for sure xx

Karelian Heritage:
13/04/2020, 03:52:16 PM

Dear Veronica, thank you for your comment! Have you tried Ivan Chai? Share your experience, we would love to hear your feedback! Best regards, Karelian Heritage.

29/04/2020, 06:58:09 PM

Good day I was wondering do you sell in bulk. I’m doing research on healing teas for my company I’m going to launch soon as a sister company to my Wild Crafted Jamaican Seamoss Business.

Karelian Heritage:
30/04/2020, 10:16:45 AM

Dear Kim, thank you for your comment. Sure, we can offer you our wholesale prices. Please contact us via Best regards, Karelian Heritage

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